Regional Art Center Featured on New Phone Book

This video is no longer available.

If the front of the area’s newest phone book look a little familiar, there is a good reason. The new AT&T books features the West Tennessee Regional Art Center in Humboldt. The art center once served as the old city hall before its transformation that was completed in 1994. Community leaders said it is an honor to be featured and draw attention to their city. “We keep being told we’re a hidden treasure and an undisclosed jewel, and we don’t want to be hidden or undiscovered,” said Bill Hickerson, curator for the West Tennessee Regional Art Center. “Unfortunately, we don’t have the budget for advertising they way we would like, so this has been a blessing for us.” The art center lobby showcases works by regional artists from Tennessee and surrounding states and it s downstairs gallery is sued for traveling exhibitions and lectures. The center also offers hands on learning experiences for area high school and college students.