Local Actress Returns Home to Perform

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BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. – For Charnitric LaVon Bracey, there is no place like home. She is the co-writer, director, and actress in the hit stage play “Deception: Fooled By A Feeling.” “What better gift to show my grandparents, my parents that I’m appreciative of my community.” she said. Treav Gordon said it was a hard decision but the passion and love for theater is what brought them back home. “As a playwrite and the producer, I had to make a big decision because normally you would seek a major city to bring a production like this,” said Gordon. The play is a comedic drama about love, deception, and lies. In the end, comfort is found through family. “By bringing in the humor, so its not just all humorous so some pain mixed with sorrow mixed with laugh it’s a great combination,” said Gordon. “A lot of my values that come from family are in the play, there’s a family atmosphere,” explained Bracey. A production for the community which serves as a good reminder that no matter how small the town is you grew up in, home is where the heart is. “I want the community to come together, unity in the community and for everyone to come together,” said Bracey.