JACKSON, Tenn — A movie is going to be mad about the true story of former Lambuth University football player, Joey Williams, going back to school and playing football with his son, Kyle.

LambuthFatherSon“44” is the name of a movie.

Joey Williams is lay leader at Lambuth Memorial UMC in Jackson, Tenn., and former lay leader of the Memphis Conference’s former Jackson District.

“Joey went back to college at the age of 44 and played football on the school team with his son, Kyle,” explained Dr. Gary Morse, pastor of Lambuth Memorial UM.

Morse calls the story “inspirational” because Williams always wanted to play college football, but, due to an injury, had to give up the football scholarship he received when he was younger.

The “college” where Williams got his second chance was Methodist-affiliated Lambuth University in Jackson that closed in 2011. The campus now operates as the University of Memphis at Lambuth.

According to a March 24 story in The Hollywood Reporter, Kevin James will star in the drama for Alcon Entertainment and Warner Bros.