Tennessee Education Lottery Educator of the Week: Melinda George

DYERSBURG, Tenn. — It’s that time again — time to announce this week’s Educator of the Week presented by the Tennessee Education Lottery.

20160810_093303“I’ve loved watching them grow up, literally, grow up on me. We’ve spent a lot of time together,” Melinda George said.

She is a second grade teacher within the Dyersburg Primary School looping program. She has taught her current class since they were kindergartners.

“We stay together for three years. Of course the parents give their permission each year,” George said. “They get to choose whether they stay with you or not, and I kept all 21 of mine since kindergarten, which is a good feeling.”

She said her class truly becomes a small family throughout the three years they are together.

“I go to ball games and I’ve seen gymnastic competitions and dance recitals. I’ve watched baby brothers and sisters be born, and it’s just been a really great experience.”

George has always wanted to be a teacher, which she has been doing for 30 years. She says she comes from a family of educators, which inspired her to pursue this career.20160810_095329

“I love the honesty of children,” George said. “The way they are very accepting of everybody and they love you on good days and on bad days. I love my work. It’s fun.”

George will now be eligible for the statewide Tennessee Education Lottery Educator of the Month award. Starting in September, to vote for her or any of the other nominees, go to seehowitaddsup.com.

To nominate a teacher for our weekly award, email us at educator@wbbjtv.com with the teacher’s name, school and a brief description of why they deserve to be recognized.