New playground in works for Brownsville community


BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. — Kids in the Brownsville community will soon have a new place to play.

“We have to get our kids out moving, eating healthier and moving more,” Mayor William Rawls Jr. of Brownsville said. “What better way to do it than at a playground, which will be adjacent to the farmers market.”

Through a partnership with a national nonprofit called “Kaboom” to help build the play area and the majority of the funding coming from Blue Cross Blue Shield, the city only has to worry about coming up with a portion of the funds.

“We’re also doing a fundraiser,” Mayor Rawls said. “There’s going to be some stake in the game from the community. We’re going to need $8,500, and we’re starting that fundraising project immediately to help offset the expenses.”

Rawls said children and their families will have input on the design of the playground. Between 20 to 30 children and their parents will meet in mid January to discuss ideas.

“All the things that we do in the community should come from the community,” Rawls said. “It shouldn’t just come from my office or from city hall — it should come from the community itself.”

The mayor says the city is striving to make good health a priority.

“We were just designated a Healthier Tennessee community. Haywood County was by the governor’s office just last week,” Mayor Rawls said. “This is just another step in that direction.”

The playground is part of the city’s Gateway Project. It will be one of the first things you see as you travel into to town. Mayor Rawls said the project is expected to be completed in one day by early March with the help of 200 volunteers.