Rash of church burglaries has Henry Co. Sheriff’s Office asking for help

HENRY COUNTY, Tenn. — A rash of church burglaries in Henry County has investigators asking for your help in connecting the dots, including one that was discovered Tuesday afternoon while WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News was there.

Manley’s Chapel Methodist, New Bethel Baptist, Spring Creek Baptist and Bethlehem Church are the churches broken into so far.

“It’s all disregard to God and to God’s people and His things, that makes my heart hurt,” Spring Creek Baptist Pastor Michael Robertson said.

The tally is four churches, five break-ins and thousands of dollars of stolen equipment and damage. Investigators said they have been looking into what seem to be random burglaries.

“They’ve gotten various items out of each of the churches — it’s kind of random the churches that they are hitting,” Henry County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Scott Wyrick said. “It’s not one particular area. They area kind of scattered throughout the county.”

Spring Creek Baptist Church was one of the churches with equipment stolen.

“And they certainly did get most of our sound equipment, and they kicked the fellowship hall door in and made away with several thousands dollars worth of merchandise and sound equipment,” Pastor Robertson said.

The pastor of Spring Creek says they have been broken into not once but twice within the last week. They discovered the second break-in when we met for an interview at the church Tuesday when they found the fellowship hall door broken apart from the wall.

“We had just got here, as you know, and the electricity was off and so that threw up a red flag, and we went to the breaker box and the breaker had been thrown, so we went and looked and the fellowship door had been kicked in — again,” the pastor said.

The Henry County Sheriff’s Office made their way back out to the church Tuesday afternoon, searching for clues as to who could have come back.

“Items can be replaced, but we stand on the word — no weapon formed against Spring Creek will prosper,” the pastor said.

The Sheriff’s Office is offering a $500 reward for any information leading to an arrest. If you have information, you can call them at 731-642-1672.