State Legislature convenes to discuss Tennessee’s future


JACKSON, Tenn. — Tennessee representatives came together Wednesday to discuss important state issues being brought to the table in Nashville.

Lawmakers say one of the main issues under discussion is the increase in gas tax.

“I can’t myself though, however, commit to raising a tax, especially when we have over a billion dollars worth of surplus,” Rep. Andy Holt said.

Another hot topic of discussion is health care.

“We have a new president coming in and we have a Republican Congress and Senate, and they’re going to be making some decisions in very short order regarding Obamacare and the provisions of, as I call it, the ‘un-affordable health care act,'” Holt said.

We are told there are several health care-related provisions such as a proposal for an alternative to Insure Tennessee.

“For Medicaid recipients to actually manage their own health care and go out and choose for themselves, seek for themselves the lowest-cost provider,” Holt said.

Another main issue for discussion is under what circumstances state-issued licenses can be revoked that prevent people from doing their jobs or getting to work.

“We don’t want people depending on the government,” Holt said. “I think Ronald Reagan said it best — the very best social program out there is a good job.”