Bolivar teen hospitalized after Monday night shooting


BOLIVAR, Tenn. — A West Tennessee teen fights for his life after being shot earlier this week.

Jarian Green

Neighbors who live where the shooting happened Monday tell us this type of violence happens all too often.

“The doctors told me two boys with dreads dropped him off at the hospital, and my son wasn’t breathing at all,” said Florence Buggs, the victim’s mother.

These are the words of Jarian Green’s mother. He was shot in the stomach around 10 p.m. Monday on Sycamore Street in Bolivar, and she told us she just wants to know who did this to her son and why.

“That’s my question. Why? Why?” Buggs said.

Neighbors in the area of the shooting told us they’re used to incidents like this happening.

“They think guns solve everything, but they don’t,” neighbor Nancy Ganes said. “They just need to put the guns down.”

They said this is especially true with teenagers.

“They think it’s OK for them to shoot, but they really don’t need no guns, age 14, 15, 16,” Ganes said. “They don’t need no guns no way.”

The Bolivar Police Department said they have staff at a Memphis hospital to further investigate the incident.

The department did not comment on their investigation, including whether they have any suspects in custody.