Generals vs. Generals at the Ballpark


JACKSON, Tenn. — We have a Generals on Generals match-up set to take place here in Jackson.

The Jackson State Community College Generals will be go head to head with the Jackson Generals April 4 in a preseason exhibition game.

It’s a moment the JSCC players and staff are looking forward too, said head coach Tyson Malik.

“Looking forward to meeting some of the guys and then just seeing really what that level of ball is all about,” Malik said. “You know they play really good league here, but it’s a good jump from our level to double-A ball, and I think they’re really excited just to see how good these guys really are.”

The game will start at 6:05 that Tuesday night. Admission is $5 with all proceeds going to the Generals Care Foundation.

The Jackson Generals season opener will be Thursday, April 6.