Officer involved shooting at Ridgecrest Cemetery

JACKSON, Tenn. — An officer involved shooting took place at Ridgecrest Cemetery around 11 in the morning.

According to the Jackson Police Department, a white adult male was in the cemetery armed with a handgun.
Police said he was making suicidal comments at the time of the incident.
Officials said, when approached by law enforcement, the individual pointed his weapon at an officer. The officer then fired at the individual, hitting him in the arm.
Officials said the injury appeared to be non-life threatening. The individual was transported to the hospital, and is in stable condition as of Saturday afternoon.
Law enforcement said this situation is still under investigation. Officers are asking anyone with information to come forward.
“We will have to interview witnesses close to this individual and see what his motivation was but, you know, he pointed the weapon directly at the officer and put the officer in a deadly force situation,” said Jackson Police Chief Julian Wiser.