Last finalist for JMCSS superintendent tours schools

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Jackson-Madison County School System continued their second round of interviews Monday for the superintendent position.

Hands were held high as superintendent candidate Dr. Tammy Knipp took questions from students at Pope Elementary School.

“They are amazing and so mature, asking great questions,” Dr. Knipp said. “And they’re very in tune to what’s going on, and they’re paying attention to not only what’s going on in the classrooms but in the district.”

Pope Elementary was the first stop for Dr. Knipp. Throughout the day she toured several area schools to gain an understanding of the dynamics inside the classroom.

“It’s just been great to get a pulse of what’s going on and what the current atmosphere is,” she said.

Knipp said interacting with students is one of her favorite parts about the job.

“Any day that you can spend with children is the best day ever,” Dr. Knipp said. “And if you can’t be with the students, then to be with the teachers is the next best thing. So today’s the best day ever because I get to do both.”

After a day of meet-and-greets, Dr. Knipp said she’s ready to share her plans with the school board.

“A 100-day entry plan of some things I’d like to springboard into addressing,” she said. “Not only the challenges, but finding those pockets of excellence within the district and trying to replicate those.”

Dr. Knipp will have her second interview at 7:30 p.m. Monday at the Board of Education office. The school board will make a final decision Tuesday between Dr. Knipp and Dr. Eric Jones.