Milan Prevention Coalition hosts night of fun and fundraising

MILAN, Tenn. — The gymnasium at Milan High School played host to a very special fundraiser, Monday evening.  The Milan Prevention Coalition hosted a celebrity basketball game to support their mission of keeping young people safe.

The fundraiser pitted a team of locals called The Milan Generals, made up of community leaders, teachers and local celebrities, against the Harlem Ambassadors.  The Ambassadors are a group of showman basketball players who travel the country to help with fundraisers like this one.

Organizers say all the funds raised through the basketball game will go right back into the community.  “We fell like what we’re doing is helping students at a young age do the right thing,” said Marty Elliott, Treasurer of the Milan Prevention Coalition.  “We want them to know doing the right thing is cool instead of doing the wrong thing. ”

The Milan Prevention Coalition works to prevent young people from making dangerous decisions, especially when it comes to alcohol and drugs.