Goodwill hosts ‘Donate Forward Week’

LEXINGTON, Tenn — Goodwill is asking for your help during their Donate Forward Week. The week is all about paying it forward, but organizers at Goodwill say it can’t happen without your help.

“Donating to Goodwill is vital to the success of our store and our mission,” Operations Training Coach Sandra Hickey said.

During Donate Forward Week, Goodwill is highlighting community members who’ve had to overcome obstacles in their life with help from the organization.

Goodwill helps people get back into the workforce no matter their background. “They gave me the opportunity that most wouldn’t receive in my position,” Susie Holder, a processor for Goodwill, said.

Store Manager Kelly Tine said many employees have made major improvements. “I’ve been able to hire many people that had a hard time finding a job. I’ve watched so many people grow through working here,” Tine said.

By donating just a few items, you’re helping a national nonprofit provide free career training and help with job placement. Leaders with Goodwill say donating is also an opportunity for you to clean out your closet, save time from hosting a yard sale, and much more.

“If you love shopping at Goodwill and trying to find those great deals, that’s all the more reason to shop and donate,” Hickey said.

To make a pledge to donate, visit