TBI releases annual crime report; numbers up in Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn. — Some types of crime continue to be an ongoing problem in Tennessee, and right here in the Hub City.

“The world is just in a bad place right now,” Jackson resident Yojy Johnson said.

The TBI’s 2016 crime report shows some interesting trends.

Murder and drug offenses are up statewide, but forcible rape and drunk driving are down.

When it comes to Jackson and Madison County, numbers show aggravated and simple assault, along with intimidation, are more prevalent in our area.

Jackson checked in with nearly 14,000 such crimes per 100,000 people versus the statewide average number of 8,226.

When it comes to arrests, the city of Jackson had 6,341 arrests per 100,000 people, compared to just more than 5,000 average statewide.

Numbers also show out of the city’s seven murders and 24 forcible rapes, only five were cleared in each category.

And out of more than 1,600 simple assaults, only 805 were cleared.

Some people say these numbers don’t surprise them.

“I haven’t really experienced a lot of crime, but I have heard of it a lot,” resident Stacey Okolo said. “Especially on local news, you can see how the city of Jackson has a higher crime per capita.”

Okolo just moved to West Tennessee a few months ago and says, as a mother, she hopes to see those numbers drop.

“It was almost like I was back in Chicago again, and I thought that was quite interesting,” she said.

Numbers were also up in Gibson County. Out of nearly 130 simple assaults, only 77 were cleared.

Click here to see a full copy of the TBI report.