‘Little Libraries’ unveiled across Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn. — Four new “Little Libraries” were unveiled Wednesday around Jackson.

They serve as an extension of the Jackson-Madison County Public Library.

You’ll notice each is decorated to complement its location. Art students at North Side High School submitted designs, which were chosen by Mayor Jerry Gist.

All are made from old newspaper dispensaries, welded and cleaned up by shop students at North Side.

One can be found at Malesus Park in south Jackson, allowing readers of all ages to borrow or drop off books.

Others are located downtown outside Grubb’s Grocery, Woodstock Bake Shop and RIFA.

“The citizens of Jackson are spread out all over the county, and it’s very important that we serve everyone, and that’s why we have them spread out from one end to the other,” Jackson-Madison County Public Library Director Dinah Harris said.

Library staff will make sure the Little Libraries are stocked.