Madison County Commission approves budget

JACKSON, Tenn.- The meeting was packed Monday as Madison County community members came to hear what the commissioners had to say.

“We had 25 people in there, mostly men, some women, making decisions for the county,”  Gary Deaton, Chairman of the Board, said. “They’re all very dedicated folks and so I pray we’ve done the right things in all areas.”

They approved the rezoning of land on Fiberglass Road, the property tax rate and the most anticipated item on the agenda, the budget.

“Well I think it went very well,” said Madison County Mayor Jimmy Harris.  “We made a lot of big decisions here today and preliminary approval of the budget, which we will officially adopt July 1st, so felt pretty well about it.”

Now that the budget has been approved, the mayor is now looking forward to another decision being made Tuesday.

“I think everyone is anticipating what will occur (Tuesday) at the hearing in Judge Butler’s office,” Harris said.  “We’re just eagerly waiting for a decision on that because it not only affects the city but it affects the county as well as far as the decision of the judge as far as the injunction.”

The judge will determine if the city is allowed to take away their portion of the sales tax from the school systems.