Animal lovers ‘Whine and Dine’ in support of the JMC Humane Society

JACKSON, Tenn. — West Tennessee animal lovers came together Saturday night for the 19th annual Whine and Dine; one of three fundraisers throughout the year, that helps support the Jackson Madison County Humane Society.

“We’re always looking for fun fundraisers, and a lot of people don’t understand that just because we’re called the Jackson Madison County Humane Society doesn’t mean that we’re funded by Jackson Madison County,” said JMC Humane Society president Lynn Caldwell.

Representatives say, the Human Society relies on donations and fundraisers to fund their no kill facility.

“It’s a state law that they have to be spayed or neutered before they’re adopted out, and they’re tested and vaccinated,” Caldwell said, “so all of our animals are healthy when you adopt them.”

Event supporters say, they are proud to give animals without a voice, more of a fighting chance.

“Not all animals are pampered and loved as the ones that are in your homes right now, and some of those aren’t as fortune, and so those of us who have the means to do so and support the ones that don’t have an option,” said Ron and Antonia Haney, owner of Antonia’s Paw Spa and Retreat, “it’s great to be able to give back.”

The Whine and Dine offered wine, beer, and moonshine tastings donated by local companies such as Ridgecrest Cellars Wine and Spirits and Samuel T Bryant Distillery.

“Oh it’s fun. I know a lot of people here and there are a lot of our same customers, and it’s just good to be here and support a good cause,” said Sam Bryant, owner of Samuel T Bryant Distillery, “and it’s just a win win for us.”

Entertainment continued as the night went on…

“We have a pet parade a little later tonight where we’ll have some Humane Society kitties and puppies sashaying by.”

Event representatives say they are hoping to raise around 20 to 30 thousand dollars for the Jackson Madison County Humane Society Saturday night.

You can learn more about the furry friends of the humane society at