Local bicyclists gather for 2nd Annual Women’s Rockabilly Revolution


MEDINA, Tenn. — Women came out to Medina today for the second Rockabilly Revolution.  Professional racers as well as first timers were there.

“I’m doing the Cat 5 race, which is the beginners race and it’s really great that they have that,” Kira Schlesinger, a racer, said. “So we can get used to racing and it feels a little more safe.”

The race started last year after a push for equalizing prize money for women racers.  Race Director Matt Joiner said they wanted to encourage women, who might be intimidated by racing against men, to come out and race in a low-key environment.

“It’s a calmer atmosphere. It’s not quite as competitive,” Joiner said. “They’re all gonna race hard and they’re all gonna have fun.”

For some of the racers, this was their very first race.  They are hoping this race will encourage more women to get into the sport.

“I would just encourage them to go ahead and do it. Find a local bike shop that’s encouraging and get on your bike and ride,” Schlesinger said.

This race was also the Women’s Masters 40 and Up Tennessee Road Race.  The first woman to cross the finish line over 40 in that race will be the State Champion.   Racers say there’s so much more to the sport than just being the first to cross the finish line.

“Well racing is more than just racing, you get into the bike community and it’s more like a family like they all pitch in to help out yuh know?” Patience Stoller, a racer, said.

“It’s so much fun,” Schlesinger said. “There’s such a great feeling of freedom and you can see the world in a different way than you could in a car or on foot so it’s a really great way to explore where you live.”