Family of Holly Bobo testify; Holly’s mother passes out while on stand


HARDIN COUNTY, Tenn. — The murder trial for one of the men charged with killing, raping and kidnapping nursing student Holly Bobo began Monday as Bobo’s family members took the stand to testify.

It was an emotional day in court for family members of the slain nursing student. The first to take the stand was Holly’s father, Dana Bobo. State prosecutors asked him to recall the moment he found out his daughter disappeared.

“That was the worst feeling you could possibly feel, learning that something bad has happened to one of your kids,” Dana Bobo said.

There was no cross examination from the defense after Dana Bobo’s testimony. The state then called their next witness, Holly’s boyfriend at the time, Drew Scott. Scott said the last time he saw Holly was the night before she went missing.

The state prosecutor asked Scott, “How serious were you about her?” and Scott responded “Serious.”

The state and defense also questioned neighbor to the Bobo family, James Barnes, who said he heard a woman screaming and yelling “Stop — I said stop” from the Bobo house.

State prosecutors then called an emotional Karen Bobo, Holly’s mother, to the stand.

“Went from just an average family, very routine, to there was day and night, and that’s about it. We didn’t keep up with the time. We were just looking for Holly,” Karen Bobo said.

Jurors listened to a 911 call from April 2011 and looked at several pieces of evidence, including the purse and lunch bag Holly carried before she disappeared.

“It’s very hard to look at all that stuff all tattered and torn, because it didn’t look like that that morning,” Karen Bobo said.

While presenting Holly’s belongings as evidence, a shock went through the courtroom as Karen Bobo became ill. “Can we just take just a minute — I’m feeling sick,” Karen Bobo said.

Judge Creed McGinley called for a recess. As that happened, Karen Bobo passed out while still on the stand. Judge McGinley immediately escorted the jurors out and asked the media to stop recording.

First responders provided assistance, and shortly afterward court was back in session. Karen Bobo finished her testimony.

There was a request made to end trial for the day after that incident, but it was denied. Testimonies were given for nearly eight hours.