TDOT: Highway 18 will get a “face-lift”

JACKSON, Tenn.–Six miles of road in Jackson is scheduled to get a face-lift sometime soon.

 Tuesday night, TDOT hosted a public meeting to gather input on a project widening Highway 18 in Jackson from North of Medon-Malesus road to US-45. They say a construction project of this size always draws questions and concerns, but most people they spoke with support the final result.

“Well, you know, the main purpose of this project is safety. So, we want to make sure that the safety of the project is improved, so we’ll improve our sight distances, some different areas well make the shoulders wider, and we’ll have a curbing gutter section as well, and it’ll just improve the overall aspects of the roadway,” says Nichole Lawrence with TDOT.

TDOT says, this project is part of the Improve Act.  They hope to start construction sometime in 2019 to 2020.