Zach Adams’ ex-girlfriend takes stand in Holly Bobo murder trial

HARDIN COUNTY, Tenn. — Testimony resumed Tuesday in the second day of the murder trial for one of the men charged in the disappearance and death of Holly Bobo.

Rebecca Earp, former girlfriend of Zach Adams, took the stand. She described her relationship with Adams at the time.

Earp told the prosecuting attorney she had trouble “keeping up” with Adams and had thought about leaving him.

Earp said Adams’ drug use had worsened after the death of his grandmother.

She said she had broken up with Adams the day before Bobo went missing but that he had talked her into coming back over that night.

The day Holly Bobo went missing, Earp says Adams told her he had to go “haul off scrap” and later had scratches on his neck.

She said in a later incident he threatened to “tie me up like Holly Bobo” and that no one would ever see her again.

During cross examination, Earp said she and Adams used to do drugs together while they were in a relationship.

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