Holly Bobo trial day 3: TBI forensic scientist, witnesses who found evidence take stand


HARDIN COUNTY, Tenn. — The murder trial for one of the men charged in the death of Holly Bobo entered day three Wednesday as witness testimony continued.

TBI forensic scientist Laura Hodge

The court heard from Laura Hodge, a forensic scientist for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation who was at the scene the day after her remains were found in 2014.

“I have color coded these with pink, being human remains, yellow being personal effects and the blue would be cartridge casings,” Hodge said as she described the evidence to be presented before the court.

Hodge went over several pieces of key evidence from the scene in the woods in Decatur County where ginseng hunters reportedly found a skull on Sept. 7, 2014, that would later be identified as Bobo’s remains.

The court saw pictures of the skull as well as photos of teeth and personal belongings.

Hodge says an inhaler, two purses, keys with a letter “H” and cosmetic items were found near the remains.

Dennis McKenzie says he watched Zach Adams after Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper Warren Rainey talked to him. He says he saw Adams doing strange things including vacuuming and blowing off a mattress.

Jon Graves, whose family owns land near the Bobo family’s home, says he went looking around his barn and a creek close to his home when he made a shocking discovery in the creek.

“The best I remember it was just a square looking, polka dotted, like a lunch box,” Graves said.

When he picked it up, he said he made another discovery.

“So I opened it up and it had a sandwich inside of it and something else, and I said ‘that was awful strange.’ So I zipped it back up and flipped it over and it had an embroidered ‘H’ on it, the best I remember,” Graves said.

Gerald Stephens and his family own a farming and ranching company. After he saw people searching, he joined in.

“In my mind, if something was found on Gooch Road, then someone was going north and going toward the interstate,” Stephens said.

He would later find a piece of evidence on Yellow Springs Road.

“Something appeared to be the color pink on the right side of the road, so I immediately stopped, and it was a garment that was pink in color. It was a pair of pink panties,” Stephens said.

They also found a balled-up piece of paper with Holly’s name on it. This was found close to the home of Shayne Austin.

Family friend and nursing classmate Emily Pratt also made a discovery while she was out searching.

“We were walking the ditch beside or out in front of the business, and at the culvert there was a phone laying on top of the culvert,” Pratt said.

Another discovery was a sim card found by a brother and sister playing a game of “I spy.” This sim card was later identified as belonging to Holly Bobo’s cell phone.

Zach Adams is one of three men charged in the disappearance and death of the 20-year-old nursing student.

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