Residents along Tennessee River still plagued by flooding

SAVANNAH, Tenn. —  Parts of West Tennessee are still experiencing the lingering effects of recent severe weather and it is not going away for another week or two.

Residents of Hardin County are still dealing with flooding that is left behind from heavy rains in recent weeks.

“It has been closed for several weeks and will probably be about another before it is opened up,” said Emergency Management Director Melvin Martin, who is referring to Coffee Landing Road along with Highway 64 where most of the flooding is visible.

“The last time it was this high was in 2015. Every two to three years we see this, so it is common,” said Martin.

Chief Martin said that most of all the flooding is in the river bottoms and that it is common and occurs every few years.

“People that live in those areas are prepared and they know to be prepared for it. For them it is an inconvenience mostly,” said Martin.

At 375 feet above sea level, the Tennessee River at Savannah is considered a moderate flood. Monday, the reading was 378 feet.

Hopefully it will keep going down and the rain wont interfere with that,” said Martin.

“You know as wet of a spring as we have had, we are always going to be on the lookout. Right now, just the local rain we have had is not going to affect the river so I am thinking hopefully we are drying out now,” said Martin.

Martin also said that the recent flood is not major for the Tennessee River, but it is in the moderate flood stage. He said there is about 8 feet of water across Coffee Landing Road.