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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – Police in Nashville are looking for a suspect who fatally shot a Krispy Kreme delivery driver.
Metropolitan Nashville police say in a news release that 61-year-old Al Baker was shot early Sunday outside a convenience store.

The statement says the suspect entered the store, took money from a clerk’s cash register at gunpoint and fled. As he left the store, police say he fired multiple shots at Baker, who was inside the delivery truck.

Baker drove away and his truck came to a stop at a pharmacy. He died at the scene.

The suspect fled on foot.

screen-shot-2016-12-04-at-5-49-27-pmHENDERSON COUNTY, Tenn — More than a dozen animals have been rescued from a mobile home in Henderson county after the sheriff’s department received information about animals being neglected.

President of the Animal Rescue Corps, Scotland Haisley said “this is bad these animals are suffering significantly as you can see I’ve got a respiratory mask on even with this mask that is meant to protect my lungs and my breathing I’m having a hard time in that building.”

The sheriff’s department along with ARC arrived to the mobile home on dunn lane around 2 p.m. Sunday afternoon.


Sgt. Jeremiah Adams said “arrest has been made at this point though I can’t release any other information on who that subject is other than a resident here from Henderson county.”

A horse was found roped off outside and more than a dozen cats and dogs were inside.

“At this time we don’t have an exact number because it’s kind of chaotic in there.” Sgt. Adams said “but I say we have anywhere from 12 to 15 possibly.”

Rescuers said law enforcement officers had a seizure warrant to get the animals out of the horrific conditions, and they even spoke with the homeowner.

“We’ve already met with the owner of the property who has surrendered 100% of these animals over to Animal Rescue Corps, which allows us to get them on their road to recovery that much sooner.” Haisley said.

Haisley described the inside of the home having several inches of feces built up inside and said he could tell the home hasn’t been kept up in years.

“When you don’t clean up animals urine and feces it turns into an acid which aerosols and creates an ammonia which is incredibly dangerous to the animals and the people.” Haisley said.

Haisley said the animals are going to have significant long term medical problems as a result of the living conditions. The animals were taken to an emergency animal shelter in Lebanon, Tennessee where a team of vets will be there waiting to care for them.

Weather Update-  6:30PM

Right now in Jackson it is, what seems like chilly, 46°. Surrounding areas are all in the upper 40s. The rain has tapered off, minus a few sprinkles here and there across west Tennessee and it’s looking to be a mostly cloudy night with temperatures getting down into the upper 30s.

We are going to have a short-lived break from the rain. Clouds will move out and we will be able to see just a little bit of sun in the morning hours, but more gulf moisture is headed our way. The image below is the rainfall total from right now (Sunday 6:30PM) until Wednesday, so this will be additional rain ontop of what we have already recieved.


Clouds will build into Tennessee throughout the day and more towards the late-evening hours we will see rain begin and become heavier showers, with maybe a few isolated thunderstorms, during the overnight hours and into Tuesday. Temperatures will climb into the 50s Monday and Tuesday as well.


The rest of the week we are going to have lots of cold air move into west Tennessee making temperatures tumble into the upper 30s for only our high temperatures! Thursday night we are expected to dip down into the teens for our low and Friday night we should see temperatures rise slightly to the low 20s for our low. Over the weekend however, we will see temperatures get back up into the 40s with just a slight chance of rain on Sunday.

Everyone have a great start to their work week and stay safe on wet roads!

Lainey Catron
VIPIR 7 Storm Team Forecaster
Email – lcatron@wbbjtv.com
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Twitter – @WBBJ7Lainey

JACKSON, Tenn. — Christmas came early this year in West Tennessee as people came out to enjoy the second annual Christmas in the City.

unnamed-1More than 60 non-profit vendors sold everything from home-baked goods, gifts and artwork at the event in downtown Jackson.

But volunteers say raising money was not the only goal of the event.

“It’s really cool to just have local organizations coming together and supporting each other and it’s a great way to kick off the Christmas season,” Trevor Fox, a volunteer at the event said.

The Jackson Chamber of Commerce paired with the West Tennessee Farmer’s Market to put on the big day.

People came from all over the area to participate.

“I love getting to see people from other communities coming out and bringing what they have to Jackson,” Fox, a Union University student, said.

Live reindeer and Santa’s newly restored house were just a few of the main attractions.

Those who hosted booths said it was a great way for non-profit organizations to get the word out about their businesses in the community.

“Being a director of a nonprofit I think it is so great to have an opportunity to be a part of an event here in Jackson to really bring people together,” Melinda Hearn, executive director of the Jackson Arts Council said.

Beth James, executive director for Jackson Center for Independent Living says events like these are important to them.

“It just reminds everybody how important it is to support the non-profits in West Tennessee,” she said. “They take care of a lot of needs that fall through the cracks, and for a lot of us these funds are really important.”

Organizers say the overall goal of the event was to bring the community together, and they are already planning for next year’s event.

screen-shot-2016-12-03-at-5-07-24-pmJACKSON, Tenn — The Lambuth Area Neighborhood Association, LANA, hosted their 24th annual holiday home tour. The tour included a weekend of events to kick off the holiday season. Families and friends skipped breakfast Saturday morning and went straight to dessert at the first ever LANA Christmas Cookie Classic race and food challenge.

President of LANA, Jenci Spradlin said “We’ll have 4 cookie checkpoints that the runners will stop at along the 2k race route.. at each stop they’ll have to eat a cookie and once they eat a cookie they’ll get a sticker and then they’ll move on to the next cookie checkpoint until they get back to the finish line.”

Some participants came all the way from Martin to join the fun.

“We saw it on Facebook and we just thought it would be a really fun thing to do we love to dress up, and walk, and eat cookies.” Participant, Dorothy Bell said.

Funds from the Cookie Classic will be used to benefit a special place in the downtown area.

“The neighborhood association we pay the insurance and do maintenance and stuff on the dog park so this event is about the dog park and the other events are to help us do other things other improvements we do in the neighborhood.” Spradlin said.

The next stop for many was the annual holiday luncheon, held at the Chandelier Café.

LANA member, Jennifer Greer said “We had about 55 people who’ve signed up for the luncheon this year and their having a great time.”

Attendees were also able to sign up for a silent auction to take home holiday goodies. The main attraction ending the day was the home tour. Houses throughout midtown Jackson were decorated inside and out. Homeowner, Brandon Bailey said this was his first time opening his doors to the community.

“I think really just to be apart of what the community is doing help support the neighborhood and gave us a good excuse to show off our house and welcome our neighbors.” Bailey said.

Organizers said the holiday home tour was their biggest fundraiser of the year. The fun isn’t over yet tours will continue Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m.

A Hardeman county man is charged with first degree murder in connection to a Savannah homicide.


Billy Lynn Tomlinson

According to a news release from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Billy Lynn Tomlinson was arrested Saturday night.

He’s charged for his alleged involvement in the shooting death of 26-year-old Brandon Davis.

Agents said Savannah police were dispatched to an apartment on Robenna street around six a.m. Saturday morning where they found a deceased Davis.

Tomlinson is being held without bond pending his arraignment.

Weather Update: 5:00 PM Saturday

Current temperatures are in the mid 40s. Temps look to barely drop going into the overnight hours. Off and on rain has been across West Tennessee this afternoon and it’s expected to continue overnight tonight.

Roads don’t look to freeze, as temperatures stay around 40 degrees but there could be some slick spots as more rain pushes through tonight. It’s going to continue to be on and off rain as we head into Sunday.

Gloomy weather hangs on for the next few days, in fact. Sunday afternoon highs only reach back into the upper 40s. The rain continues to keep gloomy weather across the region. Temperatures start to warm up for the first half of the week as more rain pushes across the area along a series of frontal systems.

Once the last front pushes through Wednesday there is a small chance for some over night showers Wednesday and then temperatures drastically take a tumble. Overnight lows fall into the teens and 20s and afternoon highs on Thursday only stay in the 30s. Same for Friday. Some of us could reach 40 degrees but most of us look to remain chilly.

By the time we head into next weekend, we have the sunshine back but the cooler weather keeps our temperatures below average and in the 40s.

Chelsea Ambriz
VIPIR 7 Storm Team Meteorologist
Email – cambriz@wbbjtv.com
Facebook – facebook.com/chelseaambriz
Twitter – @WBBJ7Chelsea

Static Electricity Ornament


  • Polystyrene Beads
  • Clear Plastic Craft Ornament

STEP 1:  Remove the cap and hook from the clear plastic craft ornament. Fill the ornament one-fourth of the way with polystyrene beads. Place the cap and hook back onto the ornament.

STEP 2:  Rapidly shake the ornament and observe.


The polystyrene beads cling to the sides of the ornament due to static electricity, which is a buildup of an electric charge. Rapidly shaking the ornament builds up negative charges on the beads. These charges attract to the positive charges on the ornament, causing the beads to cling to the ornament. Go to www.hookedonscience.org for more experiments that might get you and your family “Hooked on Science.”

Weather Update- 9AM

Temperatures right now in Jackson is 43° and the surrounding aread are feeling somewhat mild with mid 40 temperatures as well, but the eastern edge is a different story with upper 30s as their temperature. The highs for today across West TN should reach into the  upper 40s. Mostly cloudy skies right now are covering Tennessee because we have rain on the way! Their is a lot of gulf moisture headed our way and is going to give us a nice soaking rain today, into tomorrow. No thunderstorms should be expected with this system.


Speaking of tomorrow, temperatures will yet again, stay in the 40s and the rain will linger for a while and slowly drizzle off, but the cloud cover will stay. On Monday expect another round of rain from an upper level low that is hanging around north western Mexico right now. This will bring us another round of soaking rain. Rainfall totals should accumulate to about 1-2 inches by the end of Monday.

The rest of the week we could see a little bit of left over showers into Wednesday with temperatures slowly falling through the 50s. Thursday is going to be a COLD day with the highs only reaching the upper 30s! Thursday night is going to be a cold one considering that we are expecting temperatures to fall into the teens and if that is the case, it’ll be the first time in 3 years that we’ve dropped into the teens during the month of Decemeber!

Stay with the VIPIR 7 Storm Team for more weather updates on-air and online! Everyone have a great weekend!

Lainey Catron
Storm Team 7 Forecaster
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Facebook – facebook.com/laineycatronwbbj7
Email – lcatron@wbbjtv.com

GATLINBURG, Tenn. (AP) – The charred city of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is still days away from reopening after devastating and deadly wildfires, but all around the city, communities in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains are welcoming back residents and visitors.

In Pigeon Forge, the Comedy House rented an electronic billboard message that said it was open for laughs, and a flyer at a hotel urged guests to check out the scenic Cades Cove loop.

Dollywood, the amusement park named after country music legend and native Dolly Parton, reopened Friday afternoon after it was spared any damage.

In Gatlinburg, the center of the devastation, residents and business owners got their first chance Friday to see whether their properties withstood the blaze that killed 13 people and damaged hundreds of homes and businesses.

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