Pop a Balloon Inside a Balloon


  • Magnifying Glass
  • Black Balloon
  • Clear Balloon

STEP 1:  Push the black balloon inside the clear balloon. Inflate the black balloon. Tie the black balloon.

STEP 2:  Inflate the clear balloon, so the black balloon can move freely inside the clear balloon. Tie the clear balloon.

STEP 3:  Using the magnifying glass, focus the sun’s rays through the clear balloon, to the black balloon, and observe. Describe what happens when you place the clear balloon in the path of the rays of sunlight. Provide evidence that energy was transferred to the black balloon by the rays of sunlight.


The black balloon quickly pops. The magnifying glass allows you to concentrate the sun’s rays through the transparent balloon to one spot on the opaque or black balloon, which eventually weakens the rubber, causing the balloon to pop. The black balloon pops while the transparent balloon stays inflated. The black balloon absorbs the sun’s rays causing the balloon to heat up faster. Go to www.hookedonscience.org for more experiments that might get you and your family “Hooked on Science.”

Pet of the week: Wyn, available for adoption through Saving the animals together.

She’s a 2 year old lab mix. Her and her puppy were at Jackson rabies control and we went to rescue one and didn’t know about the other one.

The puppy was adopted right away, but Wyn is ready for a forever family!

Melissa Roberts with STAT said Wyn has great house manners, and loves to be at home, but is very playful!

Roberts said Waylon is a great family dog, and plays well with kids and other dogs!

Contact STAT for more information about adopting Wyn.


If you haven’t stepped outside yet this morning, make sure you grab a jacket before you do! Wind chills right now are in the to upper 20’s and rising here in West Tennessee, but it will stay cold today!. We broke a record high yesterday of 76° only to turn around and feel frigid temperatures this morning! What a difference! Skies are now clear after the storms moved through late last night. The wind is howling out of the northwest adding to the bitter temperatures outside!


Speaking of the wind, it is going to stay pretty consistent today coming out of the WNW giving us that added wind chilly all day long. Temperatures are going to stay in the middle and upper 40’s for the rest of the day. That means that we are going to see near a 40 degree temperature difference from yesterday’s high all thanks to a cold front that is well off to our east now. Skies will also stay clear, so we will have lots of sunshine on a more positive note.

Right before sunset the wind should die down between 5-10 mph but the temperatures will also drop. The low for Jackson tonight is forecast to be a freezing 25° with clear skies staying in place. Sunday will bring even more sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures. The highs tomorrow will reach into the 50’s.

Around mid-afternoon on Sunday clouds will move in from the south, but keep the temperatures warmer for our lows. Overnight we will begin to see scattered rain showers across West Tennessee and by Monday morning it will become a more widespread activity. Temperatures will warm back up into the 60’s Monday and by Tuesday we will see 70’s again, but the rain is going to last until Wednesday. By the end of the week we will then return back to 50’s for our highs and 30’s for our lows with clear skies.

Stay in touch with the VIPIR 7 Storm Team on-air and online for more weather updates! Everyone have a great and safe weekend!

Lainey Catron
Storm Team 7 Forecaster
Twitter – @WBBJ7Lainey
Facebook – facebook.com/laineycatronwbbj
Email – lcatron@wbbjtv.com

MILAN, Tenn. — A warning for consumers after an offer promising $2,000 pops up in West Tennessee mailboxes.

Presenting itself as a secret shopper program for Walmart stores — WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News spoke with one West Tennessee woman who says do not let the lure of fast cash cause you to fall into the hands of possible thieves.

“I was kind of in shock,” one viewer, who asked we not identify her said after opening her mailbox and finding a check made out to her for $1,995.65 earlier this week.

She said the letter appeared to be from Walmart, “I opened it up because I’m like why is Walmart sending me mail?”

Here’s how the offer presented itself. The company, which seems to be ushoppingmethod.com has given the consumer a first pay check to be a secret shopper.

To be clear — Walmart says there is no way this solicitation came from them because they never use mystery shoppers.

Let us start with the actual letter, which is postmarked from Spain. “That was the first kind of red flag,” our consumer said.

After doing a little digging, which included making calls to corporate and using google, our almost victim says she quickly realized this offer was not legit.

She said the details were on the check itself.

“The signature was very close but it’s not quite right. The account number is right but the routing number was wrong,” she said.

The offer also required activating the payment online–then calling a number.

Something the viewer said she did with a police officer.

“The police department called the phone number four times,” she said,”nobody answered and they pushed every single option in the phone menu.”

Because our consumer said she did not cash in on this apparent scheme, it is unclear exactly how much money could be lost or how it even works, but she hopes others who might get this mail burn it in a junk pile.

Gibson County Sheriff Paul Thomas said at least two of these letters have been reported in the past month.

CHESTER COUNTY, Tenn.-Friday in Chester County, the Eastern Star organization held its annual bean dinner.

The group holds this event to raise money for many charities and to give 2 scholarships to high school seniors.
The Eastern Star also has canned food drives for local churches.

Friday’s lunch of beans, corn bread and coleslaw cost just $5, as people could dine in or carry out as well.
The matron for the group talked about how the people support the group.

“Because it is our only project we do once a year, people do turn out and we’ve been doing this a long time,” said Judy Ruth, event organizer.

The Eastern Star expected more than 200 people to come in and eat lunch. They have been holding the Eastern Star bean lunch for over 10 years now.

JACKSON, Tenn.-For the 16th year, “jewels” of the Jackson business community are honored at an annual banquet, Friday evening.

Hosted by the Jackson-Madison County African American Chamber of Commerce the Jewel Awards recognize entrepreneurs in the Hub City.

One past winner said the recognition can often mean a boost in business.

“I actually saw my business increase 15 percent, just from winning the award, so I think a lot of businesses are recognizing economically they’ll do better with bottom lines and they’re going out for the awards,” said Duane Cherry, with the Jackson-Madison County African American Chamber of Commerce.

The event is also a fundraiser for the “Follow Me into Business” youth program, which allows teens hands-on learning experiences through job shadowing and mentoring.

JACKSON, Tenn.-Students at North Parkway Middle School held their annual Black History Month program, Friday with the theme, “Every Voice Lifted.”

Black lawyers in Jackson-Madison County, who said they wanted the share with the students they could achieve success themselves with hard work. Organizers also said they wanted to expose the students to people they can look up to.

“I am my brothers keeper and I have an obligation to give back to my community and to support not only public education but our young people here in Jackson-Madison County,” said Jackson city councilman, Ernest Brooks II.

The school has been doing this program for 5 years. Friday’s guest speaker was J. Emmit Ballard, the first black lawyer here in Jackson.

LEXINGTON, Tenn — The Lexington Lady Tigers win a close one against Dyersburg, 51-48.

JACKSON, Tenn — The Liberty Tech Lady Crusaders took down Craigmont, 58-42.

JACKSON, Tenn — The South Side Lady Hawks stayed undefeated when they took down South Gibson, 53-42.

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