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Weather Update – 10:30 p.m. Sunday

Showers are dissipating across the area but there are some strong winds in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow morning! A Wind Advisory is in place for many parts of West Tennessee until 3 a.m. Monday. Windy conditions will likely continue into Monday morning after sunrise as well.

Temperatures will drop to the lower and middle 40s by sunrise Monday morning with partly to mostly cloudy skies overhead. Winds may gust up to 35 miles per hour overnight but showers will continue to dissipate leaving us with a mostly dry night.

Tomorrow will be the coolest day we’ve had in 10 days being that it’s been that long since we had a high of less than or equal to 50°F. Skies will be partly to mostly cloudy so a brief period of sunshine is possible.

Rain will have a chance to return on Wednesday as a cold front comes through the region. This could bring some scattered showers but is also likely to bring much cooler weather by the second half of the week. Temperatures will start out in the upper 20s and warm up to the lower and middle 40s Thursday through Sunday. Stay tuned to WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News for the latest forecast and with the VIPIR 7 Storm Team on-air and online for more updates!

Tom Meiners
Storm Team 7 Chief Meteorologist, CBM
Twitter – @WBBJ7TomMeiners
Facebook – facebook.com/WBBJ.tom.meiners
Email – tmeiners@wbbjtv.com

HUMBOLDT, Tenn — West Tennesseans gathered to view one of a kind pieces of art created by 6th through 12 grade students.

The 9th annual west Tennessee Regional Student Art Exhibition consisted of 150 pieces of art work displayed out of 350 entries.

Executive Director of the West Tennessee Regional Art Center Bill Hickerson said they have more than 2o  winners.

The young man who won ‘Best of Show’ comes from Arlington High School. He said his inspiration came from a book he read about the holocaust.

“It showed all the sadness and all the destruction and so when I was creating this piece it kind of captivated that and I wanted to display that in its fullest extent.” Best of Show winner, Sam Pope said.

The ‘Best of Show’ winner wins a $500 purchase award and will become apart of the permanent student art collection at the art center. The last day to view the pieces will be February 24th.

JACKSON, Tenn — After one person is injured in a shooting outside of Old Hickory mall, many residents are concerned about their safety.

Jackson resident, RJ Whitmore, said “People are just bold. Bold enough to do that in a public place like that is just crazy.”

The Jackson police department confirmed one victim, described as a black male, suffered from a gunshot wound to his left leg. Because the incident happened in broad daylight folks are worried about their safety.

“It’s really frightening to know that you can’t come to the mall and shop and bring your family out.” Concerned citizen, Ulyesse Brady said. “It’s just unbelievable I can’t believe it’s happening right now.”

Saturday’s shooting left a bullet hole going through the window of JCPenney’s main entrance. As of Sunday that same window is covered with a piece of wood. After calling JCPenney’s corporate office for a comment officials said their working with local authorities on the issue. Some residents feel the area by the mall is not what it used to be.

“This area is kind of getting left to run down and when things run down crime comes.” Jackson resident, Leslie Britt said.

Britt said she’s lived in the area all her life, and was very disappointed to hear about the incident.

“It really did upset me because I actually do take my son to the mall a lot especially because that’s right where Chuck E. Cheese is and there’s always a lot of children there.”

Officers believe the suspect is a black male and he was last seen wearing a grey hoody. Investigators believe the suspect drove off in a blue or dark black Nissan Sedan. Jackson police said as of Sunday there are no new developments with the investigation.

HUMBOLDT, Tenn. — At least 15 emergency vehicles swamped the streets of a Humboldt neighborhood Sunday afternoon after a house fire broke out on Annie Brooke Cove just after 4:00 p.m.

“It was bad day for the owners, but it was also a good day,” Medina fire chief Jeff Rollins said. “Nobody got hurt, and they didn’t lose their house.”

Rollins said upon arrival, smoke could be seen coming from the second-story windows.

“It started after something was thrown in the trash that the owners thought was out, but it wasn’t,” he said.

Rollins said the blaze was put out within minutes., but help from first responders from all over the county was crucial because of the size house.

“Anytime you have a big one like this, you have to have a lot of people to relieve the guys that have been working in there to keep them safe.”

Fire-fighters say the blaze damaged parts of the kitchen, which resulted in a lot of smoke and water damage.

One neighbor said he was on his way home when he got the call that a house on his street was on fire.

” I kind of sped up getting here, and when we got here, it was on fire and firetrucks were everywhere,” Steve Kail said. “We just are in shock.”

Kail said it’s nice to know the city has such a quick response team in such a rural part of the county.

“We’re kind of out here in the middle of no where and the quick response we got from first responders was just amazing.”

The Medina fire department wants to remind everyone to test their smoke alarms at least once a month and change the batteries twice a year.

WEAKLEY COUNTY, Tenn. — Saturday afternoon west tennesseeans showed their support for a Weakley County family who lost two children and their home in a house fire on New Years Day.

“Words can’t express how thankful we are and how we feel about it,” father of fire victims  Austin Morris said. “All this is crazy.”

Austin and Angel Morris say they feel blessed and are overwhelmed by West Tennessee’s support, after loosing their daughters Maliyah and Abreanna Yarbrough, New Years Day when their Martin home burned down. Saturday afternoon community members decided to help out. Hosting a poker run at J.W. Brewskies as a fundraiser for the Morris family.

“We want to help them in anyway and every way we can and we’re going to do that,” community organizer Jeffery Walters said.

Nearly 200 bikers from across West Tennessee and even Nashville attended the benefit. Participating in the ride, donating money, buying shirts food and raffle tickets.

“It’s amazing that so many people can just come together,” Shorty, a biker riding in benefit said. “Doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, how much money you’ve got. Just do something great for somebody that looses so much.”

Saturday’s event wasn’t just about the poker run and raising money, but an opportunity to redo Christmas for the Morris kids who lost everything in the fire. So Santa Claus was back in town bearing gifts.

“To let them feel loved,” community organizer Adriane Davidson said. “They’re not looking for a handout but the whole community has come together to raise enough money to be able to contribute to anything that they need.”

Despite the tragic loss this family has endured, with so much love and support from the community, Morris says his family will make it through.”

“Today is a good day, today is the best day,” Morris said. “I feel like me and my wife, my whole family is going to be okay”

During the poker run the bikers presented a plaque to the Martin Fire Department for working that fire.  After the ride hundreds of donated items were sold in a live auction to benefit the Morris family.

JACKSON, Tenn — Jackson police confirmed one person is injured after a shooting at Old Hickory mall. Saturday afternoon the mall’s parking lot outside of JCPenney was filled with police cars, an ambulance, and shoppers who described the moment as scary and unexpected.

Witness, Andrea Carter said “when I looked out the window I saw some people running from around JCPenney way and I was like I know I just heard gunshots.”

Carter said she was shopping with her family when the gun shots rang out. “A car had sped by and I was like oh my God they really got to shooting.” Carter said.


Officers with the Jackson police department arrived and found a victim, described as a black male, with a gun shot wound to his left leg. Officers said the gunshot wound appeared to be non life threatening.

A bystander sent WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News a photo of a bullet hole going through the window of JCPenney’s main entrance. Lieutenant Gause with JPD said investigators are still gathering information on where the bullet came from. Gause did confirm shell casings were found on the scene.

A witness, who didn’t want to be identified, said the moment was shocking at first and soon turned into a frightening experience.

“We was right close to the doors and we had stopped to talk to our friends and soon as we turn around we hear about 8 shots I’m like oh my God! It was scary.”

Officers said after speaking with several witnesses they believe the suspect drove off in a blue or dark black Nissan Sedan. The vehicle was last seen traveling westbound on Old Hickory from the mall area.

“It was like maybe 3 or 4 dudes in the truck.” Carter said.

Officers believe the suspect is a black male and he was last seen wearing a grey hoody. Authorities said whether or not there is a connection between the victim and shooter is still under investigation. Anyone with information is urged to contact Jackson police.

JACKSON, Tenn. — Saturday morning hundreds of West Tennessee teachers became students for the annual lifelines for educators workshop.

Nearly 300 teachers participated in the free professional development workshop. Bethel University, Freed Hardeman, UM Lambeth, UT Martin, Union and Phi Delta Kappa all sponsored the educator workshop.
“Just to get some new information, to collaborate with each other, to spend the day with their teacher friends learning and as you said be the student in the classroom,” Union University Assistant Dean of teacher Education Dottie Myatt said.
Teachers received certificates for hours of completed professional development.

Jackson, Tenn. — The Jackson Police Department confirms one person has been shot at the Old Hickory Mall.

Witnesses says the shooting happened after 4:30 P.M. Saturday afternoon.

JPD is still on the scene investigating.

No word if the suspect has been taken into custody.

Stick with WBBJ for all the latest details.

Pet of the week: Marley, available for adoption through Saving the animals together.

He’s an 11 month old lab mix.

He loves everybody like most labs do.

He’s up to date on shots and he has been neutered

Melissa Roberts with STAT said Marley has great house manners, and loves to be at home, but is very playful!

Roberts said Marley is a great family dog, and plays well with kids and other dogs!

Contact STAT for more information about adopting Marley.


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – Tennessee’s preliminary unemployment rate for December rose slightly to 4.9 percent compared with November.

The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development says total nonfarm employment in the state grew by 6,000 jobs over the month. The largest increases were in manufacturing, leisure and hospitality, and mining, logging and construction.

Nonfarm employment increased 62,100 jobs over the past year. The largest increases were in education and health services, professional and business services, and leisure and hospitality.

Nationally the unemployment rate for December was up slightly to 4.7 percent.

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