JACKSON, Tenn. — Heavyweight Champion Matt Starr along with Jacob Law, The Young Lions, and Bam Bam Bundy were just some of the names that went head to head Saturday night, but representatives say, the stars of the show were veterans, as the night’s event was a salute to veterans and their families.

The crowd cheered as USA Championship Wrestling stars showed their skills Saturday night in a high energy event at the Omen Arena.

“Here. Tonight. I’m ready, and I’m taking that belt,” said wrestler Jacob Law.

“You’re going to see from bell to bell, nonstop action. That’s a big deal. You’re going to see athletes. You’re going to see the real deal rock um and sock um southern style pro wrestling, and we’re proud to be wrestling,” said event promoter Bert Prentice.

Prentice says that their wrestling events are always full of entertainment and fun for fans of all ages.

“Do you want to wrestle too one day,” asked WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News Reporter Amanda Gerry.

“Yes ma’am,” said a young fan.

But the wrestling stars were not the only ones getting a standing ovation from event attendees. A round of applause for those in the armed forces as Saturday’s event was a salute to veterans and their families.

“We got to. We got to. I mean, my gosh. They’re the true heroes of our world, I mean, they just are. We got to honor that,” Prentice said.

“Like I said, I couldn’t call myself a hero compared to a veteran,” Law said, “and just giving back to them is something great we can offer them for all the things they’ve done for us.”

As the competition continued, everyone seemed to enjoying the show.

“In the end, when you’re stepping in the ring, looking out at all the fans, hearing them chant your name,” Law said, “it’s worth every single bit of time.”

“I have plenty of things in my head to hit him with,” said wrestler Matthew Starr. “I mean, you’re staying and watching though right?”

USA Championship Wrestling representatives say from Saturday night forward, they have decided that veterans get in free to all of their events. Don’t forget to bring your military ID.

They also say their next show at the Omen Arena will be on Saturday, Dec. 16. They say, that night they will also be holding a raffle to collect money that will be used to give a Christmas to needy children.

JACKSON, Tenn. — The state quarterfinals in South Jackson Friday night didn’t go as planned for South Side.

But lets talk about what went right for hawks football this season.

South side had a 1-9 record in the 2016 season.
One season later, the hawks went 8-5. Earning a spot in the 4-A state quarterfinals for the first time since 2004.

They finished second in the region, and was the only Jackson squad that was still in the state title race.

Although dropping the game by a point Friday hurt, South Side proved why they were one of top eight teams in the state.

“A few things didn’t go our way,” South Side Head Football Coach Tyler Reeder said. “We ended up coming on the short end, but these guys, I’m proud of them. For 48 minutes they gave me all they got and that all I ask for. And like I told them, there’s times in life that things are not going to go your way. And what you do and how you act when that thing happens, that all that matters. And the character that these kids got, and how they showed, and how they finished on this football field. It’s more than about football. So what these kids did out here, they ain’t got nothing to hold their head about I’m proud of them.”

To the 15 seniors on the hawks roster. Thank you for bringing back South Side football. A great season. The team will only get better next year.

JACKSON, Tenn. — The LeMoyne-Owen Magicians get the 88-84 victory over Union. The bulldogs first loss of the season is by only four  points.

JACKSON, Tenn. — Union women win 85-55 over Brescia University.

JACKSON, Tenn. — Holiday spirit could be seen in west Jackson today at the Annual Christmas Cottage.

Representatives said the event began yesterday as thousands of items went on sale.

They said every item was either handmade or home baked by the family community education club.

Members said they have been holding it for over 30 years to raise money for community service programs.

“We use that money for service projects throughout Madison county. We help a lot with 4H. We also give to wrap and to days for girls, and we have educational programs,” said Christmas Cottage Chairperson Krisann Blair.

Members said they had anything 50 cents ornaments to $100 hand done table clothes. The events ended today at 5 pm, but they said, they plan on holding it again next year.

JACKSON, Tenn. — Walkers laced up their running shoes for education awareness.

The Walk for Education was held at the Lift Wellness Center.

The local chapters of Phi Delta Kappa and Kappa Alpha Psi paired together in honor of American Education Week.

Organizers said the goal is to promote fitness and raise scholarship money for students.

“One of our goals is to not only help support those educators but to support our youth and we also have service projects involving and encouraging us to be healthy,” said Psi Delta Kappa President Pat Taylor.

This is the 12th Year for the Walk.

JACKSON, Tenn. — U.S. Marshal Jeff Holt announced today the capture of Travon Gardner 40, who escaped from the Millington Federal Prison Camp late yesterday.

Holt said his office was notified shortly after the escape and began investigating leads as to his whereabouts. ‘

Gardner was serving a 300 month sentence on Narcotics charges and was housed at the Millington complex.

Marshals say early on in the investigation it was believed Gardner was in the company of a female acquaintance.

Today Marshals went to 336 West Cherry St. in Brownsville to speak with a girlfriend of Gardner. Marshals say as they were speaking with the female resident Gardner fell through the ceiling alerting them to his hiding spot.

Gardner later climbed down from the attic and surrendered without further incident.

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. — The massacre in Texas has local churches not only praying for the victims, but reviewing their own safety protocols.

It’s a place many go to feel safe, and the last place you would think a murderous rampage would  happen.

“I never thought we would come to the day that we would have to have weapons in the church to protect our people,” said Leon King, a handgun safety instructor.

After a gunman opened fire earlier this month, killing more than 20 people during worship at a Texas church, many churches across the country are hosting safety workshops.

“You never know what a person is thinking, and what better way than to get everybody’s attention at a church when we have our guards down,” said Pastor Cortney Robinson of Friendship Missionary Church.

Robinson says the Brownsville church is going over it’s protocols.

“We want our people to be as comfortable as possible and feel free to come worship,” he said. “But at the same time, we want them to  know not only are you protected, but we want you to feel safe while you’re trying to worship.”

Local law enforcement and pastors came to the safety workshop to talk about security and emergency plans.

Authorities say it’s important for community members to know how to respond if a shooter does come into their house of worship.

“I think people should continue to go to church and ban together for these crazy people that’s coming out and doing these things,” King said.

But pastor Robinson hopes to never have to put the emergency plans into place.

“We need to keep God first and pray that the right people come in our doors, and if not just know God is going to take care of you,” he said.

Pastor Robinson says they plan to hold more safety workshops like this in the future.

The workshop Saturday was open for anyone to attend.

UNION CITY, Tenn. — Police said a Kentucky woman was killed when a semi tractor-trailer slammed into a pickup truck claiming the life of the passenger.

Union city Police Chief Perry Barfield confirmed the fatality in an accident that took place Saturday morning.

The wreck occurred at the intersection of Clover Street and Highway 51 near Veterans Park.

A police report will be released later.

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — Today’s storms have caused 14 outages to over 3,00o of Gibson Electric Membership Corporation’s members.

There is now 308 members still without power.

The largest outage occurred in Kentucky and affected parts of Fulton, Hickman, and Graves counties.

Members are also affected in Tennessee, with outages in Obion, Crockett, Madison, and Gibson counties.

Crews were immediately dispatched and will restore service as quickly as is safely possible.

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