Weather Update 10:51 PM CDT:

From The VIPIR7 Storm Team:

The last of the showers are moving towards the Tennessee River this evening just behind the main cold front. Cooler and drier air will move in behind it. The drier air will help push the tropical air mass that was in place out for this week. Tonight, we’ll drop to around 52°F for the low temperature. It will be on the windy side overnight with gusts as high as 35 mph. Hold on to your hats!

Tomorrow, it’ll be much cooler overall and quite breezy with winds again blowing at 15-20 mph gust over 30 mph.  We’ll see plenty of sunshine early, but clouds will increase in the afternoon around the broad cyclonic flow of the upper low pressure system.

A relatively quiet week on the way. The fly in the ointment being Wednesday and Thursday, which may feature a few thunderstorms. For now, those do not appear to be strong or severe.

VIPIR7 Storm Team Meteorologist
Moe Shamell

TRENTON, Tenn. — The 525 teapots encased  at City Hall in Trenton are the inspiration for the Teapot Festival they host every year.

“You think, well a teapot is a teapot, but you’ll have to see these to really appreciate them,” said Betty Poteet, Chairman on the Teapot Festival Committee.

The opening ceremony of the 37th annual Teapot Festival took place Sunday evening in Trenton. Festival committee members went over events that will take place throughout the week and announced this year’s parade marshal.

“Just a lot of activities this week. It’s going to be fun. It’s going to be great. It’s going to be great to be a part of it,” said this year’s parade marshal, Eric Allen.

Some of the activities this week include a teapot trot, pet show, tractor pull, flower show, and the big teapot parade this Saturday.

“When you’re in a small town, you don’t have very much activities going on,” Poteet said, “but this is a fun week when something is going on everyday.”

To many people the teapots in the Trenton collection may just look like pots for serving tea, but Trenton residents say, they are an important part of their culture and history.

“Dr. Freed gave us those teapots in the 1950’s. When he was getting up in his age, him and his brother decided to give them to Trenton, and we’ve stored them in the high school for a while, but now they’re encased at City Hall; so we’re very proud of them,” said Trenton Mayor Ricky Jackson.

“Years ago in the 1870’s and all, there was no electricity, and some of these are that old, and it brought a light to a sick room and also kept broth or medicine warm,” said Sarah Wren, Chairman on the Teapot Festival Committee.

Representatives say, the value of the collection is uncertain, but to Trenton residents, they are priceless.

If you are interested in a complete list of events, visit https://www.Facebook.Com/trenton-teapot-festival-299600853578515/

JACKSON, Tenn. — A local church encourages the community to get knowledgeable about their health.

Marantha 7th Day Adventist Church of Jackson hosted its annual Health Expo.
Attendees registered as they walked in and they were able to check on lifestyle conditions at different booths.
Medical experts were on hand to conduct blood pressure checks, blood glucose testing and massage therapy.
Organizers say the goal is to promote living a healthy lifestyle.
“We find out that health is a personal responsibility that a lot of things that we do in regards to our health it falls in our hands.” Organizer Dr. Thomas Jackson said.
Organizers say they will continue to host health expos every year.

JACKSON, Tenn. — They’re making a list and checking it twice.

“In Jackson there are around 170 high risk sex offenders.” Director Jeremy Buckelew said.

The Tennessee Department of Corrections ​can conduct surprise visits on any of the state’s registered sex offenders at any time, but some are guaranteed to get two visits a year.

“We are in the process of completing ‘Operation Clean Sweep’ which is our Spring operation that targets our high risk sex offenders in the community.” Buckelew said.

There are 900 registered high risk sex offenders in west Tennessee alone.​ Buckelew and his department make sure ​each are following the ​law.​

“The high risk offenders that we have are checked every three months. As far as the special operation like this we do one in the spring and one in the fall.” Buckelew said.

During the visit, ​officers ​make sure they’re following very specific guidelines for their behavior.

“If they have any email accounts, Facebook accounts, things like that that are suppose to be on the sex offender registry and aren’t registered. Also checking to make sure there are no children present in the home.” Buckelew informed.

Buckelew preps his staff before they hit the street.

“They are out in teams of three. There is a team leader and then each of those team members will have an assignment and they know when they are approaching the house they aren’t to be distracted by their cell phones or cutting up. They are to be focused on the task at hand.” Buckelew said.

Safety for all is the main priority.

“We want them to be as safe as possible and to successfully complete the operation and return home at the end of the day.” Buckelew said.

The other major sweep for the TDOC is called operation black out and takes place on Halloween.

JACKSON, Tenn — The Tennessee Titans headed to Jackson Sunday as part of their Titans Caravan Tour.

A sea of blue and white took over Academy Sports and Outdoors as eager fans waited to meet some of their favorite players.

“Feels awesome! Here to see Avery Williamson.” Caravan attendee, Jeff Constock said.

Another fan, Barbara Moore said “Oh I’m excited especially for Avery Williamson he’s from Milan so we’re real excited about seeing him today and getting his autograph.”

Players appearing during Sunday’s tour were Wide Receiver Tre McBride, Linebacker Aaron Wallace, and Linebacker Avery Williamson.

“Coming home is probably the best part and just being able to see friends and family that I know.” Williamson said.

Fans showed up empty handed because the Titans provided free autographed posters, and they encouraged fans to take lots of pictures. Linebacker Aaron Wallace said it’s important to have personal interactions with fans.

“Their the ones that support us their the ones that cheer us on on Sunday’s.” Wallace said. “People are passionate about football and what we do so seeing the fans gives us a little bit more motivation to work.”

The stop to west Tennessee has fans ready for next season. “We’re looking forward to winning this year.” Moore said.

“Get people around Tennessee fired up about the upcoming season and fired up about the success that we plan on having this upcoming season.” McBride said.

Williamson said this year the team is looking forward to the playoffs. “I feel like we missed out on that last year.” Williamson explained. “We were just one game short so I feel like that’s the expectations and once we get to the playoffs we’ll go from there.”

The caravan will make 20 stops throughout Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama. Monday the caravan will visit with soldiers and family members of the 101st airborne division of the us army at Fort Campbell, KY.

COVINGTON, Tenn. — The powerful storms downed power lines and trees,  leaving many without power in Covington.

Emergency crews worked to clean up the damage left by a round of severe storms Sunday morning.

“Repair could take up to 24 hours,” City Chief of Police Buddy Lewis said. “So we could have a rather lengthy time here, not having a lot of power in our city.”

EMA directors said the storms rolled in just before 9:00 a.m.

They say it started as a severe thunderstorm warning, quickly turning into a tornado warning.

“Sometimes it just comes very quickly, and we are not able to get the word out as quickly as we would like to,” county EMA director Tommy Dunavant said.

Many are left with damage to their homes and without power.

Some people in the area said believe it was a tornado that caused the damage.

“They say it’s wind, but I think its a tornado,” Keith Whitehorne said.  “Just because of the way it bumped the poles in half, and twisted the trees.”

Chief Lewis said the the National Weather Service will asses the damage and have final say on the type of storm.

“It was a lot of heavy rain, and a lot of wind came through,” he said. “We really think it was straight-line winds that did this damage.”

City mayor Justin Hanson said the damage might be inconvenient, but it could have been worse as no injuries were reported.

“Through technology like weather aps and the internet, residents here in Covington and across West Tennessee are able to stay alert a lot quicker than normal,” he said. “That’s the beauty of that.”

Electric crews say they should have power fully restored within 24 hours.

Weather Update 3:45 PM

From the VIPIR7 Storm Team:

Well the cold front is knocking on the door for West Tennessee this evening, behind it is much drier air that will gradually filter in west to east this evening. Once it passes the threat for additional storms comes to an end tonight.  There may be light rain or sprinkles area wide at times until that point this evening But the heavier rain axis has shifted east into Middle Tennessee.

The 3:00 PM CDT Advisory from the Storm Prediction Center removes all of West Tennessee from the Level 1-2 threat for severe weather this evening.

I’ll have a look at the start of the work week coming up at 5:30 PM on WBBJ-TV.

VIPIR7 Storm Team Meteorologist Moe Shamell


JACKSON, Tenn — Lane college’s spring class of 2017 took a big step towards their future Saturday. Family and friends filled the Oman arena in support of the 2017 graduates. The 2016 national teacher of the year, Jahana Hayes, was the keynote speaker. More than a hundred graduates filled the seats as President of Lane college, Dr. Logan Hampton greeted them and their families. Parent of a graduate, Anna Parks Covington said her emotions are on cloud 99 as she witnessed her child walk across the stage.

“Words cannot really describe. I have joy in my heart, tears in my eyes proud, I’m thankful to God we have had 3 daughters to graduate from Lane college and this is the baby girl the last one.” Covington said.

Covington also shared words of encouragement for the graduating class. “Don’t stop here. Whatever your goal or your dreams may be this is not the end this is just a new beginning don’t stop here.”

Lane College officials also honored 50, 60, and 70 year class anniversaries.

JACKSON, Tenn — A local church spent the day helping the community. For the second year in a row First United Methodist church has hosted the great day of service. Church members from Malesus UMC, Aldersgate UMC,and Brown’s youth also joined. First United selected 10 huge service projects to work on, Area Relief Ministries was one of the organizations chosen. ARM will have their main office building painted, and landscaping done to their hub club.

“First Methodist has paid for the paint and most of the volunteers are from other churches around town and we also have our own as well as some of the men in our program.” ARM’s Eexecutive Director, Michael Roby said.

Volunteers also worked on a demolition project behind First United Methodist church. The building will be revamped and constructed into a mission center.

Weather Update – 6:00 a.m. Sunday

Showers and thunderstorms have moved through much of northwest Tennessee north of I-40 this morning, but there is more rain to come! A cold front will move through West Tennessee today providing the area with a likely chance for rain. There’s also a slight risk for severe weather across all of West Tennessee today.

A line of showers and thunderstorms that has brought flash flooding to northeastern Arkansas will bring rain to West Tennessee today from morning through afternoon. VIPIRCast shows that line falling apart later this morning to an extent so not all of West Tennessee may get heavy rain with this particular line. You’ll notice however that there’s a possibility for another line of showers and thunderstorms to develop this evening around 6 or 7 p.m. over Madison county.


The risk for severe weather is not very significant today, we might as well even call it a low to medium threat. If any thunderstorms become severe the main concerns will be from damaging winds and flash flooding. There is a low threat for tornadoes today.

Due to uncertainty still in the forecast, stay weather aware today! Keep in touch with the VIPIR 7 Storm Team on-air and online for more updates and make sure to tune in to WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News for the latest forecast!

Tom Meiners
Storm Team 7 Chief Meteorologist, CBM
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