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JACKSON, Tenn. — The IRS is already processing 2016 federal income tax returns and expects more than 153 million returns to be filed this year. It’s that time of year again W-2s and income tax returns. Which is a busy time for tax professionals.

“We have been busy so far this season,” Jackson Hewitt Area Manager Vicky McCann said.

Tax offices across the county have been swamped with taxpayers eager to get their refunds from the IRS. But before completing your taxes there are a few things you’ll need.

“They need to bring their W-2s, their tax forms, interest dividends,” McCann said. “They need to bring their photo ID and the social security cards of themselves and their dependents.”

Besides income information, you’ll also need to be aware of possible deductions. Charitable donations, educational expenses and also childcare expenses.  Although many people opt to file their taxes on their own, it may be easier to get a tax professional to avoid costly mistakes.

“When you go on your own you risk the fact of getting audited, and having to handle that yourself,” McCann said.

The IRS expects more than 80% of returns to be filed electronically. And when given a choice the IRS says direct deposits are the fastest and safest way to receive a refund.

“Direct deposit is probably the best method,” McCann said. “It’s kind of dangerous to have the checks come to you.”

Although there is still about two months left to file, you don’t want to rush at the last minute.

“Just to get it done beat the rush at the end because there’s always a rush at the end,” McCann said. “The last two weeks it’s very hard to get into companies.”

Many tax offices in Jackson are open seven days week throughout tax season.

Because the typical April 15th deadline falls on Saturday this year, taxpayers have until Tuesday, April 18th to file their 2016 returns.

HENRY COUNTY, Tenn. — Henry county deputies are investigating after man was shot and killed Friday night outside of Paris over what appears to be a domestic dispute.

“This couple had just started their processing of a divorce and unfortunately it lead to this,” Henry Co. Sheriff Monte Belew said.

Belew said Jon Goodlow followed a GPS placed on his estranged wife’s car to a home on Turkey Lane.

He then forced entry,  argued with his estranged wife and the man inside before being fatally shot the man living in the home, according to investigators.

Goodlow’s body was sent to Nashville for an autopsy, but so far no charges have been filed.

“Once we complete the investigation and get all the facts together that surround this case, we will then present it to the district attorneys office and come to a conclusion on whether there should be charges filed or not,” Belew said.

Belew said domestic violence is not taken lightly in Henry county, and there was more than one victim in this situation.

“Our heart goes out to the victims and the victims family,” he said. “I think there are several victims in this case, and it’s an unfortunate set of circumstances.”

Belew said the tracking device was placed on the woman’s car by a third party and they are investigating that as a separate case.

JACKSON, Tenn —  Members of New St. Luke Baptist church are getting heart healthy with help from the American Heart Association.

‘Have Faith In Heart’ was started by AHA  years ago when officials realized their was a need for education in the African American community. Nursing students provided free blood pressure checks, while representatives from local health organizations gave information about being heart healthy Sunday.

“Heart disease is the number one killer of all people.” AHA Representative, Christy Futrell said. “But one of three women are dying from heart disease — more than all forms of cancers combined.”

The Mission Medical Ministry team of New St. Luke organized the event and they felt bringing the program to their church is a way to keep people informed about their health.

Church member, Cheryl Turner said “It’s just a joy to see people concerned.”

“It just makes me feel happy to know that we can make a difference in the community and make sure that people are getting the education they need to be healthy.” Church member, Machelle Banks said.

There were also healthy snacks available for members to enjoy.

JACKSON, Tenn —  Thousands of people gathered for a weekend of fun at the exotic pet expo. If you’re a fan of exotic birds, or take interest in animals on the furry side there’s something for everyone.

“Reptiles here, birds, snakes, monkeys we’ve got just about everything you can think of.” Event Promoter, Tommy Bickerstaff said.  “I’ve got a little lamb running around, goats, and have some pigs.”

Some first time attendees have already added some lucky pets to their family. Natalie Cabiness said she’s excited to take a couple parakeets home.

“They are gorgeous I mean their out of this world.” Cabiness said. “I have 2 that are named Romeo & Juliet and they’re both blue.”

After walking through the crowd,WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News noticed many people fascinated by a newborn Vervet monkey.

Keenan Powell said “well after seeing it my wife which is Marissa told me that I had to get her one.”

Some said being up close and personal with the pets was the best part.

“You can go out and have fun and you get to hold animals that you’ve never held before like I did. I got to hold snakes, I got to pet birds.” Cabiness said.

Although organizers said the expo is expanding each year, one little kid wanted the animals to be available for his own events.

“I’m really happy about this place so they should do it on my cousins birthday so it can make them happy.” Attendee, John Bowman said.

If you missed out on the fun this time don’t worry you’ll have another chance. Organizers said the expo happens three times a year, and the next show will be in August.

February 19, 2017

We will see a very warm pattern over the next week ahead. Tonight we can expect mostly clear skies with only some isolated patchy areas of fog. Lows will be around the lower 50’s. We could very well break some big records in the weather as the daytime highs rise into the mid 70’s around President’s Day! Our next rain chance will be on late Monday into Tuesday as a weak cold front moves through the area. Vipircast is indicating rain approaching the area in the early morning hours of Tuesday.

Tomorrow on President’s day we can expect a nice start to the day with increasing clouds and chances of rain building mainly overnight Monday night. Expect a very warm President’s day with winds out of the south around 5 mph and temperatures in the mid to upper 70’s.

Going into Monday we will start with clear skies and warm and then the temperatures will rise up into the 70’s again! Monday is expected to be one of the warmest days out of February that we have ever seen. Not only that, but it could also possibly become the warmest President’s Day on record for the Jackson area. The pollen count is also something to be aware of starting this work week! Pollen counts will nearly be at a peak Sunday and Monday.

Brian Davis
Storm Team 7  Meteorologist
Facebook – facebook.com/MeteorologistBrianDavis
Email – Badavis@wbbjtv.com

HENRY COUNTY, Tenn. — Henry county deputies say one man died after being shot by a resident inside a home on Turkey Lane.

Investigators say Jon Goodlow went to the home Friday night after following a GPS tracking device placed on his estranged wife’s car.

The GPS device had been placed on the car by a third party, investigators wrote in a statement Sunday afternoon.

According to a release, Goodlow discovered the vehicle outside the house on Turkey Lane.

Deputies say Goodlow then forced his way inside the home and was shot by a man living inside after getting into a physical altercation with two people at the residence.

Goodlow’s body has been sent to the medical examiners office for an autopsy, according to investigators.

No charges have been filed at this point.

MARTIN, Tenn. — Union City falls to Humboldt at UTM Saturday evening with a final score of 71 to 68.

MEDINA, Tenn. — The Chargers take home the win against Crockett County Saturday evening with a final score of 48 to 39.

NORTH JACKSON, Tenn. — Haywood beats the Crusaders at Liberty Tech Saturday evening with a final score of 53 to 36.

MARTIN, Tenn. —  Saturday evening friends, family and donors gathered to pay homage and cement the legacy of Phillip Trey Lindsey on UT Martin’s campus.

“He was too special to be forgotten,” Trey’s father John Lindsey said.

Phillip Trey Lindsey graduated from Southside High School in 2010, before going to University of Tennessee at Martin to study wildlife biology. Unfortunately just two months after earning his degree from UTM, the 24-year-old passed away July 12, 2016 after a blood clot sent him into cardiac arrest.

“You don’t know what this is like until you go through it,” Lindsey said. “So if it wasn’t for people praying for us and just having faith in God.”

Saturday night there was a benefit dinner to fund a $25,000 scholarship endowment in his name. That scholarship will help UTM juniors and seniors studying wildlife biology continue their education.

“Education was very important to Trey,” Lindsey said. “So one way we though we could keep his memory alive is through this scholarship endowment at Martin.”

There was also a silent auction featuring sports memorabilia and outdoor sports items, things that were important to Trey. Retired Major League Baseball player Adam Laroche donated his time Saturday evening. He even signed jerseys to be auctioned off.

“He asked and that was the least I could do,” Laroche said.”

During the benefit the wildlife society professor announced that Will Lindsey, Trey’s brother, had earned a scholarship of his own. From the same organization his brother once served as Vice President.

“In this situation you just don’t want your son forgotten and I think that goes for anyone who’s lost their child,” Lindsey said.

All benefit ticket sales and the silent auction proceeds will be used to fund the Lindsey scholarship. Southside High School graduates will be given preference during the Lindsey scholarship selection process.

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