JACKSON, Tenn. — An Air Evac helicopter lands on the scene of an accident where several victims lie in the street in critical condition.

“This is what they need to be good EMT’s and paramedics on the scene. There’s only so much we can do in the classroom, so we come out here and we make it as real as possible,” said Bryan Kessler, EMT director at Jackson State Community College.

But the bruised and bleeding victims were just students and local Boy Scouts playing a part in a mock mass casualty incident drill.

“So it was a T-bone accident with a lot of pedestrians involved,” Kessler said, “almost over 20 patients with many of them critical.”

Around 20 EMT and paramedic students from Jackson State Community College had the opportunity to take on roles such as paramedic, public information officer, and incident commander.

Kessler said one of the most important lesson he hopes students learn is the ability to determine each victim’s degree of medical attention urgency. Students said, they learned that and more.

“I need to stay back, and how chaotic a scene really could be,” said Brett Gibson, paramedic student at JSCC.

Even victims say they took a lesson from the experience.

“We were on top of the car, so we got treated last, so you just have to pray and be patient,” said Madison May, student at JCM Early College.

Local agencies such as the Madison County Fire Department and ambulance personal were also on scene assisting, showing how important it is to work as a team.

“I think with some of the things we took a little too long that needed to be improved on,” Gibson said. “Other than that, I think everybody did a really great job.”

Students we spoke with say they hope to have more mock incident drills like this in the future, involving not only students, but the entire community.

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Sacred Heart Lady Knights announced the signing of a new basketball coach for their girls’ team Thursday morning. Former Milan head coach, Larry Eddings. Principal Ann Keyl said his pedigree of results is what made him an ideal candidate for the job. He’s able to take programs and turn them around to be winning programs, Keyl said.

Keyl said they look forward to their girls’ programs having the same amount of success as the boys.

NASHVILLE, Tenn.–A West Tennessee man has been indicted in connection to a 2017 homicide.

According to a release from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Lucius Nathaniel Mason Sr. has been indicted by a Fayette County grand jury.  The charges include First Degree Murder, Aggravated Robbery, Theft of Property, and Tampering with Evidence for his alleged role in the death of Keary Chears, that happened in December 2017 in Somerville.

Mason Sr is being held without bond at the Fayette County jail on prior probation related charge, and is now facing additional charges related to the death of Chears.

JACKSON, Tenn. — North Side’s Ambria Phillips signed with Jackson State Community College to continue her basketball career. The do it all player for the Lady Indians averaged 11 points, 6 rebounds and three assists per game in her senior season, also leading the team in all three categories. Phillips was also an All-District 14 Double A academic team member.

JACKSON, Tenn.– City officials met at the City Hall, Thursday to discuss topics for the upcoming May city council meeting.

Some of the new orders of business included renewing the city’s pre-disaster contract as well as consideration for a contract for ballistic vets that will be used by Jackson Police officers.

Another topic on the agenda was budget amendments which included making renovations to the seats in the Carl Perkins Civic Center.

“Well, the Civic Center is our major venue. It stays busy year round and we’ve had some temporary risers which have been there from day one and really need some help,” said Jackson Mayor Jerry Gist.

Mayor gist said once approved, renovations to the seats in the civic center are scheduled to start as early as May.
The city council meeting will take place next Tuesday, May 1.


TRENTON, Tenn. — Peabody’s Stacie Mayberry signed with Bethel University to play basketball for the next four to five years.  Her senior season was cut short due to a knee injury, but in her career, she scored more than 16 hundred points and registered 216 assists.

JACKSON, Tenn.–The promotional poster for an annual memorial day event was unveiled Thursday.

The 8th Annual Exit 56 Blues Festival takes place during Memorial Day and Thursday dozens gathered as the artwork to help promote the festivities was unveiled. This is the fifth year the artist has created the promotional poster for the event and he says 50 to 60 hours of work went into the poster.

“The community has been very responsive and very open to it of course the blues has a long history in Brownsville and just kinda carrying on that tradition,” said Sonia-Outlaw Clark, Delta Heritage organizer.

The Exit 56 Blues Festival takes place at the Delta Heritage Center in Brownsville and includes performances from several blues musicians and bands.

JACKSON, Tenn.–200 runners lit up the Hub City and supported cancer survivors.

It’s a night for participants to put their best glow on for the 4th annual 5k run Glow Out starting at the Kirkland Cancer Center in West Jackson. Participants can make themselves glow through paint, wearing it, and lacing it.

Black lights will be at the finish line. The course is changed from last year to be safer.

“Everybody is touched by cancer in some way. You either have someone in your family who has cancer or you know someone who has cancer or you have a friend. So, everybody can relate to that and so it kinda unites everybody together for one cause,” said Kelly Stafford, 5k Run organizer.

All proceeds go towards the American Cancer Association.

To nominate Barn Cat Rescue as a favorite shelter to receive cat litter donations, visit, catspride.com.
All rescues nominated receive cat litter. The more nominations received, the more litter donated.

You can also make cat litter donations for Barn Cat Rescue in person at Deming Veterinary Services,
2173 Highway 70 East, Jackson, TN 38305

HARDIN COUNTY, Tenn. — Nick Duncan is accused of being the mastermind behind an October barn fire.

“Recovery has been really hard for us, and we are going to Alabama to get hay right now,” farm owner Randy Ferrara said. “Fortunately, the people in Hardin County are helping us out.”

Ferrara says he lost almost $40,000 when his barn burned to the ground.

“How do I feel? He’s going to have to pay $40,000. It’s his fault. He’s the mastermind,” Ferrara said.

Nick Duncan, Patty Smith and Bradley Balentine are all charged with arson.

Duncan, who is out on bail, went before a judge Thursday.

“He’s guilty. He has confessed to this crime,” Ferrara said. “The most important thing is how arrogant can you be to come to court on a felony of arson and not have an attorney?”

Balentine is free on bond while the two others charged in the case remain behind bars.

“They didn’t realize that when they caused this barn fire I was two weeks out of a total hip replacement surgery, and it’s hurting right now. I have had to do a lot of physical work,” Ferrara said.

Ferrara says this case is bigger than him.

“I did this for Hardin County. I don’t want anyone else’s barn or house burned down by an arsonist,” Ferrara said.

Duncan is due back in court at 9 a.m. on May 24.

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