STEMulation Camp

Mark Brooks

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June 17, 2013 at 8:45 AM until 3:00 PM

Location: University of Tennessee at Martin

Phone: (731) 881-7082



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STEMulation Camp-Environment & Energy
For rising 6th, 7th and 8th Graders

June 17-21, 8:50AM-2:50PM, lunch from Noon-1:00PM (please bring lunch)
Registration Fee: $180, includes camp t-shirt and all supplies
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Students will work in teams through a series of hands-on activities preparing them for the Team Challenges at the end of the week. Prizes will be awarded to the Team Competition Winners.

Daily activities
The Collapsing Can, The Bionic Finger, The Heavy News, The Egg and the Milk Bottle The Inverted Paper Bag Balance, The Paper
Merry Go Round, The Lifting Paper, The Stubborn Paper Card, The Funnel and the Ball, The Attracting Spheres, The Clanging
Soda Pop Cans, The Floating Card, Lift Water by Blowing, The Leaping Egg, Can the Container Hold More?, How Many Pennies
Can Go In?, Float Metal on Water • Sink the Pepper, The Detergent Propelled Boat, Which Grape is Heavier, Float the Egg with
Salt, Can You Make Clay Float?, The Blue and Red Cabbage, Walk Through a Hole in Ordinary Notebook Paper, Draw with Fire

Team Challenges:
Bridge building
Students will design and build balsa wood bridges. They will learn about the strength of materials and types of joints, design concepts, lamination, and efficiency. Students will learn about racking, civil engineering careers, and how to use a Timber Tester to determine beam strength. Teams of students will compete to determine which bridge can withstand the most applied force.

Boomilever building
Vital to bridges, balconies, radio towers, and other structures, cantilever design is an important structures concept. Students will learn about cantilever structures, design, and build a balsa wood boomilever. Teams of students will compete to determine which boomilever can withstand the most applied force.

Solar vehicle construction
Students will learn applicable science concepts such as photovoltaics, gears, friction, energy and power, ratios, and data graphing. Teams of will build a complete solar car for a Junior Solar Sprint Competition.

Solid-fuel rocket building
Students will learn about thrust, apogee, how the rocket works, how to use an altimeter, aerospace careers, and the history of rocketry. Each student will build and launch a model solid-fuel rocket while learning the importance of each part.

Mousetrap vehicle building
Students will design and experiment with mousetrap vehicles to understand velocity, potential and kinetic energy, acceleration, speed, circumference, and distance. Teams of students will compete to design the fastest car or the car that goes the farthest.

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