Carroll County

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President & Vice President    
Mitt Romney (R)  7219
Barack Obama (D)  3475
Virgil Goode (C)  33
Jill Stein (G)  28
Ross C. Anderson (I)  12
Gary Johnson (I)  63
Merlin Miller (I)  15


United States Senate  
Bob Corker (R)  6904
Mark E. Clayton (D)  2796
Kermit Steck (C)  80
Martin Pleasant (G)  70
Shaun E. Crowell (I)  84
David Gatchell (I)  36
James Higdon (I)  78
Michel Joseph Long (I)  37
Troy Stephen Scoggin (I)  36


United States House of Representatives - 8th Congressional District  
Stephen Lee Fincher (R) 6885
Timothy D. Dixon (D)  2866
James Hart (I)  263
Mark J. Rawles (I)  102


Tennessee Senate - 24th Senatorial District  
John Stevens (R)  3220
Brad Thompson (D)  4081


Tennessee House of Representatives - 76th Representative District  
Andy Holt (R) 2380
Mark L. Maddox (D)  2278


Tennessee House of Representatives - 79th Representative District  
Curtis Halford (R)  4498


Alderman - City of Atwood
(Vote for Two)

Jimmy Halford (I)  236
Ricky Long (I)  261


Alderman - Town of Bruceton
(Vote for Three)
Kelvin M. Brett (I)  88
Chris Cole (I)  196
Renee Ford (I)  239
Robert T. Scotty Higdon (I)  310
Cliff Sturdivant (I)  362
Tonya Young (I)  225


Alderman - Town of Hollow Rock
(Vote for Three)
Maria Ann Crocker (I) 194
Curt Lumley (I)  165
Rob Woods (I)  192


Mayor - Town of Huntingdon  
Dale R. Kelley (I)  1414


Council Member - Town of Huntingdon
(Vote for Four)
Carl R. Byars (I)  879
Charles "Charlie" Hodges (I)  1093
Clarence Norman (I)  658
John F. Roberts (I)  802
Nina Sellers Smothers (I)  905
Tim Tucker (I)  1019
Daniel D. Williams II (I)  454


City of McKenzie - Liquor Referendum  
To permit retail package stores to sell alcoholic beverages in the City of McKenzie 870
Not to permit retail package stores to sell alcoholic beverages in the City of McKenzie  764


Councilperson - Ward 1
City of McKenzie
Jessie L. Townes (I)  163


Councilperson - Ward IV
City of McKenzie
Dianna L. Lankford (I)  358


Councilperson - Ward VI
City of McKenzie
Charles Pruneau (I)  212


Mayor - Town of Trezevant  
Mike Mulligan (I)  231


Alderman - Town of Trezevant
(Vote for Five)
Bobby James Blaylock (I)  180
Phyllis Curtis (I)  148


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