Decatur County

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President & Vice President    
Mitt Romney (R)  2873
Barack Obama (D)  1302
Virgil Goode (C)  16
Jill Stein (G)  6
Ross C. Anderson (I)  8
Gary Johnson (I)  38
Merlin Miller (I)  5


United States Senate  
Bob Corker (R) 2735
Mark E. Clayton (D)  1135
Kermit Steck (C)  31
Martin Pleasant (G)  38
Shaun E. Crowell (I)  37
David Gatchell (I)  7
James Higdon (I)  19
Michel Joseph Long (I)  12
Troy Stephen Scoggin (I)  15


United States House of Representatives  - 7th Congressional District  
Marsha Blackburn (R)  2806
Credo Amouzouvik (D)  952
Howard Switzer  (G)  46
Wm Ryan Akin (I)  49
Jack Arnold (I)  66
Leonard D. (Denny) Ladner (I)  22


Tennessee Senate - 26th Senatorial District  
Dolores Gresham (R)  2022
Meryl Rice (D)  1546


Tennessee House of Representatives - 72nd House District  
Steve K. McDaniel (R) 2939


Mayor - City of Decaturville  
Gerald (Jerry) Buchanan (I) 190
Dale A. Scott (I)  128


Alderman - Decatur County
(Vote for Six)
Willie Brewer  211
Sarah Camper (I)  201
Charles E. James (I)  200
Cassi Keeton (I)  207
Betty Blankenship Maness (I)  216
Melvin Taylor (I)  216


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