Henry County

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President & Vice President    
Mitt Romney (R)  8187
Barack Obama (D)  4337
Virgil Goode (C)  70
Jill Stein (G)  37
Ross C. Anderson (I)  19
Gary Johnson (I)  74
Merlin Miller (I)  7


United States Senate  
Bob Corker (R)  7929
Mark E. Clayton (D)  3269
Kermit Steck (C)  69
Martin Pleasant (G)  123
Shaun E. Crowell (I)  139
David Gatchel (I)  29
James Higdon (I)  51
Michel Joseph Long (I)  30
Troy Stephen Scoggin (I)  45


Tennessee House of Representatives - 75th Representative District  
Tim Wirgau (R) 7374
Steve R. Wright (D)  4507
James Hart (I)  457


County commission - District 5  
Torrance Atkinson (I)  745
Gregory A. Carter (I)  992


Commissioner - City of Paris
(Vote for Two)
Terry L. Fuller (I)  1327
Gayle Griffin (I)  1562
Catherine Gore Herrera (I)  724
Robert Sleadd (I)  1148


Mayor - City of Henry  
Joe R. Qualls (I)  110


Mayor - City of Cottage Grove  
Dorothy Miller (I)  20
Machelle Operia (I)  7
Michael Waddey (I)  33


Alderman - City of Cottage Grove
(Vote for Four)
Mathew McClure (I) 31
Melinda J. Thatcher (I)  32
John Weiher, III (I)  31


Mayor - City of Puryear  
David Varner (I)  220


Alderman - City of Puryear, 4 Year Term
(Vote for Two)
Rebecca Haynes (I)  152
Bill Robinson (I)  180


Alderman - City of Puryear, 2 Year Term  
Leo Huff (I) 71
Justin Hughes (I)  165


Verla Smith (I)  223


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