Madison County

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President & Vice President    
Mitt Romney (R)  21989
Barack Obama (D)  18360
Virgil Goode (C)  55
Jill Stein (G)  47
Ross C. Anderson (I)  32
Gary Johnson (I)  191
Merlin Miller (I)  17


United States Senate  
Bob Corker (R) 22625
Mark E. Clayton (D) 14433
Kermit Steck (C)  189
Martin Pleasant (G)  243
Shaun E. Crowell (I)  305
David Gatchell (I)  99
James Higdon (I)  142
Michel Joseph Long (I)  103
Troy Stephen Scoggin (I)  112


United States House of Representatives - 8th Congressional District  
Stephen Lee Fincher (R)  21659
Timothy D. Dixon (D)  14996
James Hart (I)  778
Mark J. Rawles (I)  548


Tennessee House of Representatives - 73rd Representative District  
Jimmy Eldridge (R) 19045
Corey Currie (D)  7946


Tennessee House of Representatives - 80th Representative District  
Johnny Shaw (D) 10567


County Commission - District 10, Position 2  
Ann Duvall Harrell (R) 3216
Thomas Turner (I)  1699


Alderman - City of Three Way, Position 2  
Danny C. Wade (I)  846


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