Black History Month: Sylvester Hicks

Joe Sullivan

Sylvester Hicks played 43 games with the Kansas City Chiefs.
What was the "Chief" reason why he came back to live in Humboldt?

"What I love about the area is the people. They are friendly, nice and they kind of make me feel like a super star," said Sylvester Hicks.

Hicks was born in Jackson. He graduated from North Side High School. In 1973, he went to Tennessee State University.
In 1978, the Kansas City Chiefs drafted him in the second round.

"The way that I learned how to play football was my high school basketball coach said if I don't play football he wasn't going to let me play basketball. So that is how I got involved in football," said Hicks.

On August 5, 1978 Sylvester played his first game It was at Green Bay and he played so well he was named defensive player of the game and awarded the game ball.

A defensive end, Hicks played four seasons in the National Football League, all with the Chiefs. After three knee surgeries he was forced to retire.

"We would always steal the other players lunch, so one day they put ex lax in some chocolate chip cookies and our bathroom was miles away, so you know the rest of the story," said Hicks.

Hicks, 57 is happily retired. He said enjoys spending time with his family.

"I have two grown children and then my wife and I adopted Elizabeth, 12 and Dave, 11, so they keep me busy," said Hicks.


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