West Tennessee Treasure - Decaturville - The Dunbar Store

Laura Bannon

DECATUR COUNTY, Tenn. - Tim Keeton said a simple log structure was once the heart of town. It once served as a general store, a post office and a bar.

"People all over West Tennessee know about how the country stores affect the rural life of of West Tennessee, and this was just one of them," said Keeton

Keeton says that the civil war took most of the community's men and the bar was eventually closed. This resulted in the name of the bar "DONE-BAR."

The store is now in the hands of the Keeton family. Keeton saids he helped rally the community in order to preserve the store.

"We had to completely take the building down, all the way to the ground, poured four concrete piers to start back with. We sawed part of the timber ourselves - it was cued and sawed to go back in it," he said.

It took nearly two years and the help of neighbors and friends to restore the structure, and Keeton said that he is glad to see it now as a historic landmark and the center point for the community once again.

"You see a lot of people stop and read the sign and you see them at town, and they talk about it. They seem to be very glad of it."


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