West Tennessee Treasure - Scotts Hill - Heritage Collection

Brittany Patterson

SCOTTS HILL, Tenn. - Scotts Hill has deep roots. The Historical Collection at City Hall helps residents to take a look at times past.

"It tells about the past," said Scotts Hill Mayor, Jessie S. Powers. "The kind of people that built the town, what they were looking for, what their hopes were, and their feelings."

The Collection features photographs of old street scenes, documents of founders and leaders, along with numerous pieces of historic memorabilia of the town - including an old college yearbook.

The collection has been open to the public less than one year, but in that time, has drawn in artifacts from area residents eager to piece together the past.

"Once they seen that there's a place to put historical items, things just started coming in," said Scotts Hill City Planner David Austin.

"It just makes them feel like it's worth while," said Mayor Powers. "Everything has to be worth while or there's no use doing it."

Scotts Hill city leaders hope their collection will grow with time.

"If the people work together, anything can be done," said Mayor Powers. "It's all the stuff - it's like this town; it can grow if the people get behind it."

The Scotts Hill Historical Board invites anyone to see the collection, and welcomes community members to display their historical items, if only for a limited time.


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