West Tennessee Treasure - Trenton Speed Limit

Brittany Patterson

TRENTON, Tenn.- Driving laws in the city of Trenton are unique.

"As you come in from five directions," said Trenton Alderman Frank Gibson, "you will see city limit signs saying 'Speed Limit 31 miles per hour'"

The speed limit has been around for over half a century; in the 1950's, the Trenton city recorder suggested the switch.

"She recommended to the city council that it be changed to 31 miles per hour so that people of Trenton could remember the speed limit," said Gibson.

The idea took off at 31 miles per hour. In October of 1958, the city officially changed the speed limit.

Since then, other cities around the country have written to Trenton city officials to find out how to change their own speed limits.

"Some places that I know it's been is been Alaska, news reports, newspapers, it's been on CNN," said Gibson. "We thought that the teapot collection at the time would put us on the map, but maybe it was the 31 mile per hour speed limit sign that did."

Whether it was the teapots or the speed limit, the city Trenton has made a name for itself.

"I really believe it was just be different. Just to be different than all the other smaller towns around," said Gibson. "And that certainly made us different."

Trenton city officials told 7 Eyewitness News they do not plan to change the unusual speed limit any time soon.


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