West Tennessee Treasure - Union City - Discovery Park of America

Brittany Patterson

The building design is futuristic. The grounds stretch over 50 acres.
The plans for Discovery Park of America are well underway.

"We have a variety of exhibits that we're planning," said Discovery Park of America director Polly Brasher. "We have 10 indoor galleries, and it grows everyday, and we have about 17 outdoor exhibits."

Preliminary planning for the park began as early as 2004.

The park is largely funded by the Robert E. and Jenny D. Kirkland Foundation, but it is also local volunteers helping to keep the momentum.

"When we went public with the plans, we opened it up to anybody who wanted to give input," said Brasher. "And 250 volunteers showed up at that first meeting."

Volunteer committees came up with ideas of what they would like to see. Plans now include everything from automotive, military, and natural history galleries, a planetarium and aquarium, not to mention numerous outdoor experiences.

"There's two train tracks out there now and we will be putting trains and cars on that," said Brasher.

For now, Discovery Park of America is still a construction site, but directors say in about a year, it will be a site for learning.

"Our goal is to support the schools in the area. All the way from head start and Pre-K up through the colleges," said Brasher. "We want to add to the educational experience to everyone one in this area."

Brasher said the area is hungry for a new experience.

"We call it enrichment. We think this will enrich the lives of people here. As in any rural area, we have children who have never left their county," said Brasher. "Why not bring those things to the people in this region so they don't have to make that drive. So they have the chance to see those things with out the expense."

Discovery Park of America is on track to open Summer of 2013.

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