West Tennessee Treasures - Adamsville - Shiloh Golf Course

Brittany Patterson

Golf and Civil War history share a common ground at Shiloh Golf Course in Adamsville.

"There is history that goes with this golf course," said golf course co-owner, Tracy Rose. "General Lew Wallace traveled across the back side of the course with three brigades to get to the Battle of Shiloh." That was on April 6th, 1862.

Now, sitting on a little piece of American history, the 120-acre course does not just draw in local golfers.

"We actually have people from all over the country that come through and actually know a lot about history that travel across the course looking at different things to see where they traveled through," said Rose.

On occasion, guides from Shiloh National Military Park will bring eager tourists onto the greens.

"There's a road that goes across the course, they call it the Sunken Road. They go look at that," said Rose. "It's awesome. It's neat. Every time we play, we think about it."


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