West Tennessee Treasures - Alamo - Crockett County Veterans Memorial

Brittany Patterson

Over 5,000 names fill the tablets found in Alamo's court square.

"It's every veteran that lived in Crockett County, that once lived in Crockett County but left due to circumstances, then went into service - we count those also," said Crockett County Veterans Service Officer, Ira Burrow.

The Crockett County Veterans Memorial, dedicated in 2008, was built solely on donations.

"I had list of all the veterans in Crockett County and their addresses and a lot of individuals," said Burrow. "And I started writing letters, and it wasn't long til the donations started coming in."

"Donations brought the community together, brought the veterans together to form a united movement to make the monument happen and what it is today," said Crockett County Mayor Gary Reasons.

Today, people from all over West Tennessee and the world make their way to Alamo to honor the men and women who have served the country.

"Very seldom do we go by a day that someone's not out there looking at the monuments," said Mayor Reasons.

"I think every person, when they come through this square, and they look at it, it's got to make them think," said Burrow.

The black tablet in the center of the memorial pays tribute to those who paid the ultimate price.

"We have 82 names on there that were killed in action," said Burrow "I'm sure that anybody that looks at it and think at all - the may get in the habit of just passing through and not paying attention - but I feel like people will pay attention."


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