West Tennessee Treasures - Alamo - First United Methodist Church

Brittany Patterson

Organized in 1842, 12 years prior to the start of the Civil War, the First United Methodist Church of Alamo is one of the oldest in the county.

"Crockett didn't become a county until 1872, so it was here long before the county began," said Crockett County Circuit Court Clerk Kim Kail.

In fact, Crockett County was organized as a political body in the original building, and served as the location for county court before the courthouse was completed.

"In 1871, when the formation of Crockett County was being done, the county commissioners, the formation of the county government workings were held in the old First United Methodist Church," said Kail.

In the 1940's, it was decided that a new building was needed to meet the needs of the church.

"As I understand, the stained glass was all donated by different families, probably either in memory of or in honor of," said Rev. Jerry Hassell.

The new sanctuary provided a place of worship, but there was one feature that was left out of construction.

"At the time, I guess they ran out of money and didn't complete the steeple," said Kail.

Close to 60 years later, a renewed interest in a steeple gave church members the opportunity to complete their building.

"It just, to me, always looked like it needed something else there, and I think putting the steeple on just kind of signified the finishing of the building," said Kail.

"People began to sing the Doxology while it was going up. 'Praise God from whom all blessings flow.' I'll always remember that," said Rev. Hassell.


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