West Tennessee Treasures - Brownsville - The Mindfield

Brittany Patterson

More than two decades ago, artist Billy Tripp began his life's project. He said "The Mindfield" in the heart of Brownsville has evolved from his significant life events.

"It started out as something to do, to sort of keep your head on straight and it's took off in different aspects as it's went along,"said Tripp.

Spread out on about an acre of land and over 100 feet high, the towering, twisted metals of "The Mindfield" make it the largest outdoor sculpture in the state of Tennessee.

"It's probably more architecture than art," said Tripp.

Included in that architecture is a boldly-painted water tower, dedicated in memory of his parents.

"A sign saying 'The Mindfield Cemetery - A Life of One.' In Honor of Mom And Dad,'" said Tripp. "I put that on the front of the tank."

The artist solely assembled nearly the entire structure but said he looked to others for inspiration.

"In many important ways, I've had a lot of help from the example that other people have shown through them simply living their lives," said Tripp.

But when it comes to the reaction from other people, Tripp said he does not depend on much from those who view his work.

"The most I would hope for and I would be satisfied with is that they were to get a smile from it," said Tripp.

Tripp also told 7 Eyewitness News that "The Mindfield" will continue to evolve until his death, at which point it will become his place of burial.


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