West Tennessee Treasures - Dresden - Rails to Trails

Brittany Patterson

DRESDEN, Tenn. - Trails across the city of Dresden once were home to railroad beds. Now the city is using them to enhance the quality of life for local residents with it's Rails To Trails Project.

"Taking the history of the railroad bed and opening it up for people to come walk and enjoy nature and trails and recreate and exercise and try to have a healthier lifestyle," said City of Dresden Director of Parks and Recreation, Joey Winstead.

The project has been in the works for two years, but recent grant money is helping to push plans along.

"This trail here is something that we'll try to have in the city and connect it to the park system, said Winstead. "And hopefully in the future, maybe have another park site where we can broaden the field, the athletic fields."

Plans also include a farmers market designed to look like an old depot, as well as other spots along the one mile trail for residents to enjoy and relax.

"We have branches with amphitheaters, little parks for people to sit at in the shade, and the trees with the bugs and the birds and really enjoy it. If they have a guitar or instrument and want to play it," said Winstead. "It sort of gets back to the grassroots of America. Spending time in nature and relaxing and enjoying the simple things of life - and not always the hustle and bustle."

Park leaders expect the Rails To Trails Project will be completed within the next two years.


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