West Tennessee Treasures - Dyersburg - Pennington Seed & Supply

Laura Bannon

DYERSBURG, Tenn. - In 1972, the Pennington's opened a store that would benefit the needs of the community in Tennessee.

Betty Pennington explained, "My children were in school and I had a lot of time and my husband wanted me to have a little business so it started in Gates, Tennessee with Pennington Seed and Supply, we had just a variety of feeds and hardwares, all kinds of grasses and seeds."

They say that growing up, gardening and running a business was always been apart of their lives.

"My father had us cleaning counters, putting canned goods on the counters and working with them. I am familiar with it all, all through my life," said Pennington.

The tradition has passed onto more generations. The store is now owned by her son, Michael Pennington.

"It was more of a chore back then. When my dad would say get the hoe and chop the garden, get the weeds out, or go pick the tomatoes, it was more work. I did it then and now I like it. It's a pleasure," said Michael Pennington.

In 1974, they moved to Dyersburg and have settled in the historic downtown area.

"We still use the same building that we started in and the building is over 100 years old and we like to think that when you enter these doors you're going back in time. Our products are products of the past," said Mike Pennington.


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