West Tennessee Treasures - Dyersburg - The King Mansion

Laura Bannon

DYERSBURG, Tenn. - In 1905, Edward Moody King built his family a 9,897 square food mansion. Today, this is the one of the largest mansions standing in Dyersburg.

Mansion owner, Christine Coronado explained the unique style of the mansion, "It is a colonial revival style in the architecture and the thing that I think makes it unique is once upon a time in Dyersburg this whole area was nothing but old mansions."

The mansion sits on one and a half acres of land, this mansion is something you cannot miss.

Coronado said, "There's 14 fireplaces, six bedrooms on the second floor, there all very large. Every room has a fireplace, all the fireplaces have original covers and some of them are very intricate, there's the maroon marble one there two green marble fireplaces. It's beautiful to look at. The woodwork is original, the original flooring in the house. All of the lights on the front part of the first floor are original"

On the third floor of the mansion, there is a ballroom. In the early 1900s, Mr. King's birthday was one of the biggest parties in town.

Coronado has lived in the house since 2006 and she explained her experiences. "I am always amazed at older people who say I am 75-years-old and I have always wanted to go into the house and wondered what it looked like. People will tell us about Mr. King who used to sit on the swing out front in his bathrobe."

The Kings left the house in the 1970s and mansion was left abandoned. People around Dyersburg still talk of this precious treasure.

"When you look at pictures of the house now versus what it looked like in the 1900s, it looks identical," she said. "Talking to people who have been in the house and have heard stories from grandfathers and grandmothers, we've tried to set up the furniture, everything we have is an antique and have tried to place it and make it look as we think it looked back in the 1900s."


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