West Tennessee Treasures - Henderson - College Life

Brittany Patterson

Every year the city of Henderson becomes a new hometown to many students at Freed-Hardeman University.

FHU Senior Naomi Pugh made her way to Henderson from Middle Tennessee nearly four years ago.

"Coming here, it's a little smaller, but it's kind of good because you get to know everybody," said Pugh. "Everyone's a lot closer, very friendly."

The student of education says she was no stranger to the town.

"My parents came here, so it's brought down from different generations," said Pugh. "Other members of my family have come to school here."

Making Henderson her hometown meant living, going to school and working - something that's allowed her to make new friends.

"I work at a local restaurant here and I absolutely love it," said Pugh. "I'm a server, so I get to see a lot of people from the town, a lot of families and a lot of familiar faces."

Her coworker and classmate, Natalie Cravens, is a Henderson native.

"My dad has always taught at Freed, so I've been around Freed my entire life," said Cravens.

Cravens says since starting school at Freed, she sees her hometown in a whole new light.

"When I was younger, it seemed a whole lot bigger. And now, I mean, it's a small town and I really do see that. But there's a greatness about a small town."

Part of the small town feel means running into people she's known since she was a child.

"I'm glad that people are able to see me going to college and working, and to see that I've grown up and how far that I've come and how far the town's come," said Cravens. "It is growing to be a bigger place, but I think it will always have that small town feel to it."


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