West Tennessee Treasures - Huntingdon - Log Cabins On Main Street

Brittany Patterson

Driving down East Main Street in Huntingdon, you are in for an unusual and eye-catching site: log cabins.

"This was an ideal site for that - for people to be able to see this, and it's amazing the attraction it is," said Huntingdon Mayor Dale Kelley. "We have people here taking pictures all the time with their kids."

While the cabins are not at their original locations, they date back to the early 1800's.

"This one goes back to a person who fought during the Revolutionary War, and was given several thousand acres in this area," said Mayor Kelley.

The restoration process was not easy.

"Tag every log and number it, and whereby you disassemble it," said Mayor Kelley. "And then you can put it back in the same order."

Mayor Kelley said the two cabins on Main Street - and three more located just beyond the railroad tracks- have become a tourist must-see. He said he is interested in adding more to Huntingdon's collection.

"There's always people that are inquiring about that," said Mayor Kelley. "It's hard to find the old log cabins anymore that's not already been taken up by somebody else and done the same thing that we've done here."

The mayor also hopes the area is soon given a special designation.

"We look to put a monument here to be a part of the Civil War Trail, which goes all across the state of Tennessee," said Mayor Kelley. "We always want to keep our historical tradition in mind, and it's something to remind us of where we came from."

Almost all of the cabins can be seen directly from Huntingdon's Main Street. Local residents say they make fore a great reference point for directions.


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