West Tennessee Treasures - Milan - Homemade Candy Shoppe

Brittany Patterson

"We make people happy," said candy shoppe co-owner Nancy Bradford. "They come in feeling bad, and they leave feeling glad."

Chocolate is a timeless healer at Aunt, Ninny and Papa's Candyland in Milan.

"I am Ninny," said Bradford. "My sister is Aunt and my husband is Papa."

The family business is the only homemade candy shoppe in West Tennessee.

"We have to melt the chocolate, put all the ingredients that goes with it into it," said Bradford.

Ingredients including pecans, peanut butter, caramel, and - just in time for Valentine's Day - their specialty strawberries.

"Double dipped chocolate strawberries is our number one, and right now is the season for that," said Bradford. "We will sell 500 to 1000 pounds."

But Candyland owners admit that some of those pounds may just go towards their own sweet tooth.

"We all have our favorites that we eat almost everyday," said Bradford. "And then we'll all decide that we need to lose a few pounds, so we'll go a day or two without some, and then we'll eat again!"

It is the sweet sensations that take so many customers back to their youth.

"We carry a lot of what we call 'kid candy' - like strawberry belts, and big old jawbreakers and sweet and sours," said Bradford.

No matter what your age, she said when you walk through the doors, she wants you to feel like a kid in a candy store."

"That's really what candy is about," said Bradford. "That's what candy is about. Making you feel better, or taking it to someone and making them feel better."


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