West Tennessee Treasures - Parsons - Good Dog Canine Rescue

Brittany Patterson

When Decatur County's humane society decided to offer a spay/neuter program, but discontinue its rescue shelter, Babe Larson took matters into her own hands.

"When they stopped doing the rescue, this is where we had our kennels anyway, so they just left them here and I have the use of them," said Larson.

The 70-year-old dog lover is retired, but works at a local hardware store to single handedly run the rescue.

"I work to support my 'dog habit,'" joked Larson.

Larson's reputation in Parsons precedes her.

"I have people that come into the store and give me money," said Larson. "I never lock my car, and it's not unusual to come out and find dog toys in the back or a couple of bags of dog food or something like that."

Local law enforcement also rely on the certified dog trainer's good heart.

"If they pick up any that are running loose, they'll call me," said Larson. "Or if one's gotten hurt."

While she's seen improvement in Decatur County's dog population, Larson still dreams big.

"My dream has always been to have a shelter where we could have some picnic tables, maybe a baseball diamond or something," said Larson. "Some place where families could go to have a picnic and pick out a puppy and see if they want to take it home with them."

Larson says she's taken in nearly 1,000 dogs since starting Good Dog Canine Rescue, but that the number of strays has fallen in the past few years, thanks to Decatur County's spay/neuter program.


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