West Tennessee Treasures - Pecan Grove Bed & Breakfast

Brittany Patterson

MARTIN, Tenn.- Pride in his craftsmanship and a love for antiques, Clint Riley's late stepfather, Mike Barnett built a truly unique haven right in his own backyard.

It all started with a log cabin.

"We tore down seven different old, dilapidated log cabins in fields and we put all them back together," said Riley.

Riley says after neighbors complained about the cabin, his mother and stepfather came up with a new idea.

"Our building inspector said, 'Hey, if you get you B&B license, you don't even have to worry about them anymore,'" said Riley. "And so they did."

The family opened the bed & breakfast, built a second cabin and an old-style trail depot all with full accommodations.

As for the rest of Barnett's antiques, they are spread out on over four acres in a town-style setting he built himself.

"They started making these buildings into their own little separate different things. We have 'Mike's Gas', we have the diner, we have 'Parker's Grocery', the toy store, 'Pop's Drug Store,'" said Riley. "There's always a sign or a car or something that reminds them of their childhood growing up. So, I think that's important to preserve that."

Riley says it Is also important to preserve the legacy his stepfather created.

"I just want to make sure everyone knows this was Mike Barnett's dream in life," said Riley.

A tour of the town and antiques are available only to guests at the bed & breakfast.


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